happy birthday to anybody

March 28, 2020

Every time March comes, I dread it. So many birthdays to plan for! I would’ve just finished throwing Mariam’s birthday party end Fed. Mommy birthday is on the 11th, Boot’s birthday is on the 13th, Stella’s is on 18th, Tasha’s on 26th, followed by Marissa on 28th. Then Toots on 2nd April, and then Fadza’s on 8th April. Like this time, I start to reconsider if I really need this many friends. Or a husband.

Mommy’s birthday is settled – threw her something she LOVED and you’ll watch it soon on Love, Vivy. Boot’s birthday was when everyone started getting paranoid about coronavirus so her birthday dinner was canceled (poor girl!). And Tasha’s birthday was 2 days ago during this time when everyone is in quarantine. Her boyfriend Seth was so sweet. He organised a video call where we all sang her a birthday song. Pretty funny actually, Fadza pretended to set up a work call so she thought it was about some launch schedule whatnot, and one by one her friends started getting into the meeting.

She cried! #successssssss

For Marissa’s birthday it’s harder to plan something for her because she obviously expected a friends video call surprise like Tasha’s. #thanksalotSeth We did that, and her husband Normann called her to the laptop and she was like “Oh, hi guys! Didn’t expect this.” – but all made up and looking pretty. *roll eyes*

BUT we did get her! We made a video for her clanking pots at our balcony while shouting Happy Birthday Marisaaaaaaa. And even got her mom in on it. Which failed terribly because her guards came to her unit and asked if everything was ok. Haha. Sigh, things we do for love. If clanking our pots outside isn’t true friendship, I don’t know what is.


She didn’t cry. But she doesn’t have a heart, so whatever.

Next one is Toots and then my husband omgggggg.

I’m just going to play this video for all the next birthdays this year. Including you guys reading this.


Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,


Happy birthday to you.