fadza’s mco birthday

April 12, 2020

Not gonna lie, guys.

Being with someone CONSTANTLY on their birthday is HARD.

I felt so pressured to make Fadza the best birthday ever, overcompensating because I felt so bad that he couldn’t see his family or friends or colleagues or even have dinner outside, that I took it upon myself to make sure he feels super duper loved at home.

The problem is… there was 24 hours in a day. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. Of looking at him and smiling at him. Cos well, you’re stuck together THE WHOLE DAY. Because there aren’t enough rooms to hide from him in the house.

Every time I passed him, “Happy birthday babyyyyy.”. Bump into each other in the toilet, “Happy birthday, sayang!” Going to the fridge to get a pudding with him, “Happy birthday sweetheart!” Hide in the kitchen and sees him hiding there too, “Hey umm, happy birthday!” *awkward laughter from both of us* Playing Homescapes and he passes by, “Happy birthday!” #runningoutofpetnameshere

Oh. My. God. Is. It. Tomorrow. Yet.

Usually he’d be out and about, in the office etc, having some other life and being elsewhere other than these four walls. But because he was home, the kids and I did the sweetest thing – We made a Daddy’s Birthday Timetable for him. Screw it, it’s my blog. I DID THE SWEETEST THING. The kids didn’t do anything, I couldn’t tell them because they can’t keep secrets ever.

Oh but they did draw this timetable up for him.

Under my instructions. So still me, guys.

As you can see, the day was FILLED with love and surprises. I made sure to involve his family, his team, his school friends and all of us on his birthday, even though we can’t physically be together. The vlog is up so you can watch there.

But all I can say is, mannnnn I love my husband. He’s a wonderful man who deserves 86,400 seconds of reminders that we love him. I meant every word I wrote on the family portrait. Complete. When we’re with you, everything feels complete.” May you always be blessed by Allah swt with all the goodness that life and the hereafter have to offer, Insyaallah.

For the 2,687th time this week, happy birthday to the love of my life.