prestige april 2020 cover

April 21, 2020

I’ve been living in kaftans again and my makeup brushes are probably wondering if I’m still alive… so this is a nice change:

I’m on the cover of Prestige magazine this month! 

The magazine is out but they did an online version since they can’t print it during this MCO and they made it free for the public to read the whole issue. That’s pretty amazing.

This one is personally one of my favs because of the write up: I wrote it myself! The writer wanted to do a special angle where I write an open letter to future entrepreneurs of what I’ve learned in my 10 year journey so far. Honestly, it was hard to write because how do you pen down 10 years of ups and downs in 3 pages? I kept putting it off till the last minute, but finally one day the clouds cleared for me, the birds were chirping and I just felt inspired to write from the heart. Ok fine, they were chasing me for deadline. But still, I wrote from the heart.

Meant every word! Have a read here.