Ya Allah, I would like a….

April 7, 2020

It’s Day 20 of the covid19 quarantine now and I haven’t blogged for just a few days. It’s been, umm, the usual; reading, working, being a public scrutiny, getting death threats, reading a couple books, started a new covid19 fund, cleaning the house. The usual. *nervous laughter* SO MANY THINGS have happened you won’t believe when I tell you. I will definitely share because this is a historical moment in my life that I want to pen down, all the good and bad and twists of it. But that’s for another day!

Today, I realised that I can soooo be a stay at home mom. I am LOVING IT.

I’m enjoying the time at home so much it’s ridiculous. I’m almost hoping MCO extends haha. I’ve been spending so much time with the kids (no choice) and we’ve created a new routine together. At breakfast, we all sit together and talk about what we plan to do today. Then we go off to do our own things – kids are forced to read books here and I don’t allow any screen time. At lunch, we sit together again and play all sorts of games. In the evening, I allow some screen time and the kids are free to watch their favourite YouTube channels etc etc (Sarah just watches Frozen on loop – #Olafislyfe). At dinner, we sit and talk about our day, one by one. I love to see them doing this because it makes them practice to speak and explain things well – Daniel’s very good at that, Mariam still needs help. Because I’ve been home a lot, they’ve seen lots of nagging from me. When I’m at work, I can’t really see if they do their chores like cleaning up all their toys, or shower on time, or finish their food – now I’m a tiger mom, they even set the table and put dishes back in the sink. #yourewelcomekaksiti

One thing I super love is our time together when we pray. So Fadza will imam all of us and the 5 of us will pray together. At the end, we all get to say one doa. Daniel and Mariam will always ask for dinosaurs or more toys or whatever la, we just Amin-kan only. #pleasedontsendusdinosaursGodpleasedont

Today’s doa session:

Fadza: Ok, Daniel, what would you like to doa from Allah today?

Daniel: Hmm… let me think about it…. this is hard.

30 seconds later. *roll eyes tangan lenguh*

Daniel: Ok I got it! Ya Allah….. can you give us a new baby please?

Fadza and I didn’t move.

Not sure if we should Amin this haha.

There Sarah was, a colour pencil in one hand, drawing all over our bed and furniture. Sigh. No, no.

Go back to asking for dinosaurs Daniel, please!