an intimate raya for everyone

June 1, 2020


I chose teal for the boys and matching Biyan kaftans for the girls.

I had a nice Raya with family as usual – nothing much changed for us because our parents live near us so we could still go and visit them, Alhamdulillah. Morning started with us having our own Raya prayers with my inlaws (Fadza imam everyone, he suddenly looked 10 times hotter to me that morning haha), and then we moved on to see my parents. It was a nice and intimate day for us, and although I felt super grateful to be able to see my family, I really felt for those who couldn’t visit their parents in other states. I know some friends of mine who had to spend Raya alone in the city and I know they cried, must not have been easy to scroll through social media seeing everyone else’s family photos :(((( May God reward you for all your sacrifice and give you a more amazing Raya next year, guys. Made doa for you guys. <3

I think everyone tried to make the best of whatever they can this MCO Raya, and that also meant decorating their houses! Toots had all sorts of decor including flowers taped on a full wall, ketupats hanging from the ceiling, old school Raya cards hung everywhere – I mean, super OTT this girl. Mimak, of course la, forever with her peonies and fairy lights and Jo Malone candles – that one, Raya in Europe feels in her living room.

I also had decor, guys, don’t worry. I wasn’t gonna let my living room feel left out!

Ready to see….?






It took me almost 2 hours to do this guys – I had to measure and cut the wire, tape the thing on the wall while cursing myself for choosing grasscloth wallpaper because nothing can stick on it, and hanging each ketupat and FV Raya packet on it, while making sure it doesn’t tip the balance of the entire wire. I mean, it’s basically art mixed with engineering here guys. Serious skill stuff here.

“Why on earth would you put a backdrop in front of a busy backdrop?” Toots asked in the groupchat when I proudly sent them this.


“I thought can create “depth”.”

*cross Interior design skills off resume*

A few minutes later….

God bless you, son, for wanting to save… umm, this.