happy father’s day!

June 21, 2020

Today is Father’s Day so Happy Father’s Day, everyone! I had a very nice bonding time with my own dad today, but will keep that private. This blogpost will be about the other dad – Fadza.

Fadza looked at me yesterday, “So what’s happening tomorrow?”

I look back at him, confused. “What’s happening tomorrow?”

His mouth slightly open, “It’s Father’s Day tomorrow.”

“Err yeah, but you’re not my father….” left him slightly hurt.


Of course I had stuff planned for him – I’m an awesome wife.

Mariam was the first to wake up early and run to her dad. “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. I love you!” she whispered to him, followed by a huge bear hug from her dad. SO. SWEET. For Mother’s Day earlier this year, the kids scribbled some words on a birthday card they found lying around the house for me. For Father’s Day, Mariam handmade Fadza three cards. Brb, picking up the pieces of my heart on the floor.

Sigh but you gotta admit, this puts a smile on anyone’s face. A father’s love is unmatchable (except by the mother’s… haha KIDDIN! #notreally). This view really does warm my heart though. I hope my kids will grow up and see how much love they had for their dad. Except Sarah, she had more love for marker caps in this photo.

Outside, we had prepared for Fadza a fun activity for Father’s Day – colouring! I ordered it from @eventsbyazzwaa who is super amazing for every occasion.

And then for the ultimate present…..

You should’ve heard his squeal when he saw this. He unwrapped the box so fast and the look in his eyes.. oh my god, the engineering nerd just unleashed out of him. It was so cute. Kinda hot, even, if it weren’t for his sudden high-pitched voice.

“OMG SAYANG THIS IS BEST GIFT EVER!!!!” hugging me so tight.

“I got you a car last year. An actual car.”

But he didn’t hear me anymore.

He went straight to work.


He even tried to cancel lunch plans, but thankfully realised soon after that he had to feed his family. As you expected the lunch was really rushed because he had to return to his masterpiece.

Sigh, this photo. Look at all the smiles.


But I forgive you.

Because you’re an amazing human being. Thank you for being an amazing dad to our three children. The way you love them, the way you care for them, the way you discipline them – you do it so naturally that you inspire me everyday to be a better parent. May they grow up to cherish you for all that you’ve done for them, including the diaper changes at 4am that you will continue to do for Sarah. Thank you, my love, Happy Father’s Day.