what daniel and mariam learned this ramadhan

June 20, 2020

“This Ramadhan, I will maximise each moment and reallllyyyyyy make full use of my time,” followed by a list of things like full terawih, full fasting, full quran, full Islamic lectures, full everything! If can do extra, that goes on the list also – extra everything! Because that’s not enough pressure, I’ll add more things that my body laughs at because it’s self-aware,  like “wake up at 4am to cook for the family” and “not buy too much from the Ramadhan bazaars.” Basically, I have really high expectations of myself that I always end up disappointed with myself that I didn’t fulfil any of these in full. Ramadhan is always our peak period at work, so a lot of the past Ramadhans have been filled with work, and less with the Quran. I’ll always leave Ramadhan with a guilty “I’m going to do better next Ramadhan!”

So this year, I vowed to set goals that were more realistic. Just two, I told myself: to not miss any terawih prayer and to learn the meaning of one surah a day,

And it worked.

We took a selfie after every terawih prayer to commemorate this very different “date night” hehe. And it makes me smile looking at this. Who knew solat together could feel so romantic.

And as for the one surah a day, I didn’t complete it, but I still feel super good about gaining some knowledge of the Quran that I never knew before. I share my summaries of each surah on my instagram highlights in case it’s useful to anyone.

I dare say I had the best Ramadhan this year, thanks to coronavirus (weird to say that, but true!). The fact that we were all home made it easier to pray more and to read Quran more, and I didn’t have to take off hijab or take off makeup etc etc. Lame excuse I know, but it’s the reality being a Muslim woman. Anyway, enough with sounding preachy – conclusion is, BEST RAMADHAN EVER.

We asked the kids what they learned this Ramadhan.

Daniel first, since this year he fasted for a few days. First day he did it, I vlogged it.

Daniel: I learned that there are people are out there who cannot afford  food. And I got to feel how they feel.

Me beaming like a proud mom: That’s awesome, Daniel! 

Daniel: But I also learned that after a while you get used to fasting, so being hungry is ok. 



Let me try with Mariam then.

Me: Mariam, what did you learn this Ramadhan? 

Mariam, thinking hard….: Hmm… Oh! I learned how to unbox Ramadhan gifts.




Also, thank you to all those who sent us Raya packages! You guys are so so sweet! Mariam and I did an unboxing video,  apparently Mariam’s only lesson this Ramadhan, sigh.