lockdown date nights

June 3, 2021

It’s lockdown again in Malaysia because cases have been so high. But to be honest, the entire family and I have been self-quarantining for weeks prior already. I’m so paranoid because my parents are high-risk so I don’t let anyone see them or us, and none of us leave the house also.

Fadza’s been so mopey because he’s so used to working out outside, cycling, running etc. I direct him to the dUCk yoga mats now. He sulks but he knows it’s for the best. Wife knows best.

I gotta admit though, it’s been mentally draining just staying home. We live in an apartment with 7 people in it and there is just stuff EVERYWHERE. All these 7 people have so many things, and it doesn’t help that one of them (may or may not be me) has sooooo many clothes, shoes, bags, books, and all of the tiny stuff that is related to all of the above. I tried decluttering today which relieved me a bit. I can see more floor space now yay.

Every night after the kids sleep, Fadza and I will spend time together and this usually means F.R.I.E.N.D.S. marathon in the living room. Coupled with Homescapes marathon in one hand, and lots of snacks in the other hand, our backs slouched lazily on the couch. We are going to come out of Lockdown

a) fat, and

b) with incredibly bad posture.

It’s really bad, guys, and super unhealthy. And it really doesn’t help us not feeling very inspired for anything.

So I suggested that we need to mix things up a little, spice things up (not what you’re thinking). Some nights we can do this lazing on couch, but some nights we should sit on the balcony and talk, some nights we should eat together just the 2 of us, some nights we can read quietly together, some nights we can refold all my scarves and colour-coordinate them…. ok, can’t blame a wife for trying.

Tonight, we decided to talk a walk downstairs. Full on masked up, and not touching anything or anyone (there was barely anyone anyway), we just did 10 rounds around the apartment area and just held hands and talked. Then we sat on the stairs and just talked some more. It was really really nice. Got some fresh air (on our arms…) and got to spend quality time, away from everyone else.

So for husband-wives out there, take some time to mix it up a little during this time. It’s hard enough being mentally drained and feeling suffocated in the house (worse if you have kids), so make sure you still treat each other with love and lean on each other for support.

We’re back in our living room now.

Homescapes in one hand, and a potato chip on the other.

I guess some things will take time. Teehee.