stretchmark sweetness

July 12, 2021

First trimester was awful. Everyday, I was basically a horizontal zombie with a few clingy companions: nausea, headache, back pain and Sarah. Oh, very gassy too, which you know, is a sexy cherry on top. #luckyfadza #menwhomarryforlooksreallydontknowwhatscoming

Second trimester now is so much better. The only thing I have is back pain and a constant urge to eat ais kacang. So random. Back pain I’m solving by making Fadza massage me – and we’re in lockdown now so he has nowhere to run. Whoopee! And ais kacang, I’m ordering it daily that I really feel if Grab was a healthy person, Grab is judging my order history like nobody’s business.

One thing I really do enjoy this pregnancy is having Fadza with me constantly. Despite the grumbles of having to massage me so much (I mean, Cikyah does 2 hours but hey no one’s keeping scores) and having sore thumbs (I mean, I have sore back, sore head, sore legs, sore *insert any body part* from carrying his 4th child here but hey again, no one’s keeping scores), he really does give me so much support. I vomited last night and he stayed up to attend to me. And he fluffs my pillows and gives me kisses randomly throughout the day. He rubs my tummy and doesn’t make “Whoa what’d you have for lunch” jokes. #muchappreciated

And the latest – he got me Mama Mio!

This cream brings back such memories of the first pregnancy with Daniel. We were so excited (swear we were excited for you too, Mariam and Sarah) that we bought all sorts of cream and other stuff that were so unnecessary like leg cream, boob cream… stuff that we totally don’t need but we’re so kancheong that whatever people tell us we need, we will buy. I mean, Mama Mio said Madonna uses this. #addtocart First time pregnant women are easy targets at the baby section in department stores haha.

Just thought I’d blog about it because (a) Fadza is so sweet and (b) the cream is so nostalgic. Can’t believe it’s the 4th round for us, baby. 🙂

PSA: Cream doesn’t work. I applied like crazy for all pregnancies and STILL got stretchmarks. But let’s not tell Fadza this, it’ll crush his heart.