mellow yellow

August 6, 2021

Yellow, in case y’all can’t see me from Perlis.

This week has been tough on my body – constant nausea, constant headache, and I had to take vomit breaks in between meetings. So I decided to put on a cheerful outfit to trick my mind into feeling more upbeat. It worked! Totally felt the sunshine cum Pikachu cum Digi Mascot vibes.

I’m reminding myself to always focus on the good, as always. So I’m gonna list down some things this week to pat myself on the back on:

  • Settled all performance review for my direct reports this week! Because I’m temporarily leading some departments till the new leads come in, I have 13 direct reports right now… #pengsan
  • Settled 2022 product plan for dUCk with team, and scored some really cool collaborations.
  • Did not cancel any meetings, despite wanting to vomit at my laptop. Still pushed through, with camera turned off (for other people’s sake… haha).
  • Had an amazing virtual session with one of the heads at Inditex (Zara) and hogged the Q&A session. #asian
  • Read 2 books.
  • Remembered to feed the kids. Except for that ONE lunch, whoops. Thank god for leftover pizza…
  • Cleared up the mountain of boxes in front of my house entrance. Been meaning to do that for weeks, so that’s a big pat on the back. I have floor again, guys. #happytears
  • Cut my nails!

Ok that is all. Hoping next week will be an even yellow-er week!