saturdays like these

August 21, 2021

Have I mentioned how much I love this girl?

If you don’t follow me on other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, you probably don’t think I love her very much. She’s almost non-existent here in Proudduck haha. Sorry baby, Mommy got lazy to blog – you were (are) a handful I have no time to do so!

In fact, I think I should do a rundown of each of the 3 kids to you sometime soon because well, it’s been a while. Their interests change every week, I can’t keep up!

As for Sarah, she’s turning 3 in October. How time flies, huh?

Had the best morning with her today, just us in the room because Daniel and Mariam were having online class outside. We sang and talked, but mostly we watched her eat a chocolate macaron and smear it all over her face. Gahhhhhh she gives me so much joy. Can’t believe she’s going to be a big sister soon!

Ahhh Saturdays like these.