to go out or not to go out?

August 21, 2021

If shoes could talk, they would be asking “WHERE THE HELL IS THAT GIRL AND WHY HAVEN’T WE SEEN THE SUN FOR OVER A YEAR?!”

So the government has lifted some bans this week and now dine-ins are allowed and malls are opened. Happy with this news because we can open all our stores again, the the retail team can finally have some normalcy back (but bless them, they’ve been volunteering at vaccination centres while stores were closed – I’m a proud boss!).

Normal Vivy: would already be putting on shoes the moment the announcement was made. World, here I come!

Today Vivy: *rubbing pregnant belly unsure of what to do*

There is nothing normal about isolating at home, nothing normal about covid, nothing normal about what is happening in this world right now. On one hand, it’s great news that people can slowly get their life back, but on the other hand, I’m still so worried about contracting covid.

Technically, I’m fully vaccinated and honestly, I’m so sick of staying home all day. The other day, Fadza drove me around KLCC just so I could wave to it. #blessmyhusband And yesterday, Mimak sent me a selfie from KLCC – she went to my favourite piece of heaven on earth – Kinokuniya. How dare she go without me.

Because of the pregnancy, it’s definitely a dilemma. I’m going to take it one day at a time and constantly consult the doctor. It’s just too scary the stories we hear about positive pregnant women (although most of the ones I heard of were unvaccinated), so till the cases go down, I guess baby and I will just have to wave at you from our window till after confinement. #okthatsoundscreepy

To other pregnant moms out there, I feel yaaaa! Sending lots of hugs and imaginary ice cream to you right now.

*looks at shoes* Not today, gang.