writing a book

August 28, 2021

… is harder than childbirth!

When FashionValet turned 10 years old last Nov, I wanted to pen down the lessons I’ve learned after being an entrepreneur for a decade. Not a success story book at all, but rather a WIP story book. Why should I wait till I’m 70 and successful for me to be able to share the lessons I’ve encountered? I might not live that long so #yolowritingabook.

I’m really excited about it, tbh. After researching entrepreneur books, most are from the west and the only Malaysian ones are so few. We need more Malaysian reps in the entrepreneurial world!

So many ups and downs, yays and nays, hopes and dreams that I want to share – but in my usual Proudduck tone. I love writing, you guys know that, so it’s nice that after a decade I come full circle back to writing a book. Super casual, super candid, in my own world where the army of scary netizens on Twitter don’t exist.

Believe it or not, I wrote 8 chapters in just 2-3 months.

And I keep reading and re-reading them, and tweaking and editing. If this were a typewriter situation, I’d have a mountain of scrunched up paper balls in the dustbin next to me. “It’s just not perfect!!!!” I would exclaim to Fadza numerous times. “Who am I kidding?!!!!” another exclamation when the horrible imposter syndrome kicks in.

It needs more personal stories. Now it’s too personal. Ok less personal. More business. Great, now I’m writing to a bunch of men in suits. Ok it needs to be funnier. Wait, but this is a business book – if I make it too funny, people won’t take me seriously. Heck, it’s my book and I have survived a decade of entrepreneurship – I should write however I want to write. Hmm is this too scandalous? Can I actually reveal this? Should I put codenames instead of people’s real names? What if I get sued?

Is basically the conversations my brain cells have with each other.

Then I get stressed and watch Grace and Frankie.

So yeah, current book title: “Hopefully Can Finish” by Vivy Yusof.

Best-seller material, no?