untied shoelaces

October 4, 2021

My shoelaces were untied last night and Fadza immediately bent down to tie them. On the escalator. In public. Then he gave me a kiss on the head.

I remember the happy butterflies feeling I felt last night, and thought damnnnn I love this guy. When you hear married couples’ love fading after many decades together, you can’t help but get scared – but it seems like with us, our love ages like fine (halal) wine. Like I literally jump up and run happily to the door when he comes home, until today. The older we get, the more it seems our love grows. If that’s even possible.

You can X this page now if you’re already puking.

It’s about to get cheesier.

Everyday I wake up to this view of how our relationship started. From London days, to long distance relationship days, to our graduations and wedding. How not to smile?

On the 14th this month, we will turn 15 years. 15 years together, magadddd. It’s weird that it feels like we’ve been together all our lives, yet it also feels like time just flew by. A gazillion memories together, so many tears and even more laughter, holding hands through every up and down, traveling and seeing the world together, goshhhh what is this gift that God has given me?? Oh right, also kids. We have kids together too. Forgot.

I really do pray that everyone gets a chance to feel what I feel (and even more!) when it comes to love and companionship. It’s one of the many things from God that I’m so grateful for. One that money cannot buy.

UPDATE: Fadza read this entry and after that said, “What should we have for lunch today?”. -_____-”

Moment’s over.