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more biyan please

November 13, 2009

I find myself being more attracted to more covered clothes now. Anything off-shoulder, sleveless, low cuts, too short; I don’t seem to want to wear anymore.

Maybe I’m spending too much time with Opah that I’m becoming a grandma myself.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve had the chance to wear those in London (which reminds me that I have some clothes to sell here…I know some of you have asked, but I’ve been swamped with work…I’ll try put them up soon) and now I’m becoming more mature and not let skin show too easily to just anyone.

But I remember even in London, I was really uncomfortable in those so-called sexier clothes. Tube dresses, miniskirts…they were fun for dressing up, but I found myself pulling the skirt down as much as I can, or pulling the top up when men were staring too much. I felt like I was parading my body for free and it made me uneasy. It just isn’t me to bare all, I’m a little bit stingy with my skin. If that makes any sense. Hehe.

I feel like wearing more respectable clothes but I still want them to be gorgeous and sexy in their own way.

That’s why I feel that Biyan is the perfect example of what I’m trying to describe.

Mostly decent but with such high elegance and luxurious material. The beadings are always amazing and the workmanship is fantastic. The clothes are trendy but never neglecting the culture of the traditional kebaya. So I can feel good wearing nice clothes but I still feel proud to preserve the Malay girl in me.

Of course something this nice comes with a high price tag, but it’s just so difficult to say no to Biyan clothes.

Some damage in Jakarta the other day:





A supersweet light pink wrap top with cut-outs and pop-up (I don’t know what they’re called, I’m not a fashion student!) flowers. Paired with skinnies and heels, you can’t really go wrong.




A nude tunic with intricate beadings, cut-out flowers, fine mesh and button detailing. I guess for a more glam look, I could put on a longer slip and make this a dress with hair up into an elaborate bun, or just plain curled pushed back by a pretty headband. For a more casual look, I’d wear this as a tunic with some black leggings.



I bought this cover-up for my sister because she loves to wear cardigans. The colour is just sooo sweet and girly and it can brighten up any dull outfit. I foresee myself borrowing this from her, turning up to her house in simple blue jeans and a white tank top, pushing her aside, heading straight to her wardrobe, asking “Where is it?! Where is it?!!”


I instantly thought of Toots when I saw these. She loves ballerina slippers and because she’s tall and thin, I thought she would look so good in these with simple jeans. And she keeps bugging me about Biyan everytime I go to Jakarta. Too bad she has giant feet so I can’t borrow these flats. She was jumping up and down when they fit perfectly and I felt so happy and satisfied.

It’s not that I’m not sincere when I do things, but it makes a big difference when you stop to say thank you and show some gratitude when someone gets you something, expensive or not. Some people take friendships for granted that they think a simple “thank you for that” is minute or worse they don’t even think to say thanks, but it makes a big difference when someone made an effort for you. It shows people’s characters.

Anyway, I was so happy with my Biyan purchases and I can’t wait to wear them. Eeeep!! 🙂

Just a little tip: Chiffon is very delicate, so it’s best not to keep them hung. The hanger edges can create a permanent dent in the fabric. Chiffon with heavy beadings that has lining inside shouldn’t be hung for long either. After a while, the chiffon will get heavy and stretch downwards (pulled by the beadings and ermm gravity I guess), leaving the lining and the chiffon at uneven lengths; the chiffon bit longer than before. So, if you have chiffon clothings, fold them instead, just to be safe. And of course, iron them first when you want to wear them.


August 26, 2009

Whenever I ask where to find nice clothes and kebaya tops, the Indonesians will say “Biyan! Omg go to Biyan!”

I’ve seen his work in the magazines, and after I finished drooling, I made a mental reminder to visit his shop when I go to Jakarta.

But somehow I never manage to go because of time constraint.

Last week when I went to Jakarta, our schedule was packed with meetings from morning until night, except this one fine night.

I was so excited. I didn’t care what the others were up to; I wanted to go to Biyan.

I was already texting Toots to ask what she wanted, because she too was crazy about the beautiful clothes.

So, I got to the mall and saw the shop.


Weeeee I was so excited as I approached the escalator to go down.

Finally!! After so many years of missed opportunities, I finally get to step into the shop and get some Biyan clothes.

I was smiling as I looked down, already mentally picking out which pieces I was attracted to.

I even thought which ones would look nice on Toots. She can definitely pull off the long dresses because of her height, I thought to myself. Hmmm that turquoise one she would love!

Ohhh that top next to it is so nice!! I can’t wait to try it on, I thought.

I was already picturing me in the clothes as I stood on the moving escalator.

Suddenly, I saw this.


In just a few seconds, they had turned off the lights and locked up the shop.


This was my only free time!! I would be busy working the next day and with the Jakarta traffic, there was no way I could just drop by for a few minutes.

I ran to the doors and peered inside.

There was a lady in there. “O-pen!” I mouthed to her.

She showed me nine fingers, telling me the shop closes at 9.

I looked at my watch and it said 8.50pm.

I showed her my watch.

She showed me nine fingers.

And she disappeared to the back.

I was sooooo sad!!

I just stood there, all disappointed. After a while, I started pressing my nose and palms onto the glass to peek at the clothes.


The clothes were so gorgeous….and I was right in front of the shop….10 minutes before its closing time….and they wouldn’t let me in!

In a few seconds, my heart was boiling with fury and disappointment.

When else would I be able to go to Jakarta???

I walked and walked, muttering unpleasant words about the lady with nine fingers.

Suddenly I saw a departmental store called Metro. It seemed to be the only shop open.

What the heck, I thought, I’ll just go in to cure my frustration.

And I found this brand called Studio 133 Biyan. I found out later that it was a sister brand to Biyan. So I got a little bit excited.

The clothes were simpler, and more affordable (but still not cheap!).



Soft pastel colours, beautiful beadings, flowing chiffon, fantastic workmanship.

I couldn’t resist buying a couple of tops.





I thought they were very practical.

I could wear them with pants to work, or even skinny jeans to go out. And since raya is coming, I could buy matching material to make the bottom skirts.

I was happy. (Well I should be, since my salary is gone and I’ve only been working for 2 weeks)

Very happy.

But I would be happier if I could see the real Biyan line. (As you can see, I wouldn’t boast about my contentment level)

The next morning, I got up bright and early.

My seniors told me the meeting was at 11.

Biyan opens at 10.

I thought about the terrible traffic and the possibility of me coming back in time.

Before I could finish thinking, I was already in the cab, telling the cab driver to drive as fast as he can.

In a few minutes, ta-daaaaaa!!! I was inside the shop…feeling like a little girl in a candy store.

Oh there were so many clothes to try on, so many patterns to admire, so many colours to adore.

But so little time.

I told the nine-fingers lady what I wanted to try (that, that, that, that and that, please), and she was a little shocked with my hastiness.

Unfortunately (fortunately for my next month’s salary), nothing fit. The smallest size they carry is Medium, and most of the clothes just draped loose on me, leaving me looking like I’m drowned in a sack. A beautiful and expensive sack, nonetheless.

Then I tried this on.



The lace, the beadings, the buttons, the neckline, the design, the colour.

Is this what love feels like?

This is how I want my wedding dress (or one of them hehehe) to look like…except I want full-length, with a 5-foot tail, and long sleeves and more beadings. And a 10-foot veil with Swarovski crystal. And a pair of 7-inch Louboutins.

And swans.

(This wedding isn’t going to happen, is it?)

Of course, at the rate I’m earning now, I’ll only be able to afford this in 10 years.

Marriage will have to wait.

For my dress.

P/s: BIYAN has his own website which I don’t find particularly helpful. But click here anyway.

an intimate raya for everyone

June 1, 2020


I chose teal for the boys and matching Biyan kaftans for the girls.

I had a nice Raya with family as usual – nothing much changed for us because our parents live near us so we could still go and visit them, Alhamdulillah. Morning started with us having our own Raya prayers with my inlaws (Fadza imam everyone, he suddenly looked 10 times hotter to me that morning haha), and then we moved on to see my parents. It was a nice and intimate day for us, and although I felt super grateful to be able to see my family, I really felt for those who couldn’t visit their parents in other states. I know some friends of mine who had to spend Raya alone in the city and I know they cried, must not have been easy to scroll through social media seeing everyone else’s family photos :(((( May God reward you for all your sacrifice and give you a more amazing Raya next year, guys. Made doa for you guys. <3

I think everyone tried to make the best of whatever they can this MCO Raya, and that also meant decorating their houses! Toots had all sorts of decor including flowers taped on a full wall, ketupats hanging from the ceiling, old school Raya cards hung everywhere – I mean, super OTT this girl. Mimak, of course la, forever with her peonies and fairy lights and Jo Malone candles – that one, Raya in Europe feels in her living room.

I also had decor, guys, don’t worry. I wasn’t gonna let my living room feel left out!

Ready to see….?






It took me almost 2 hours to do this guys – I had to measure and cut the wire, tape the thing on the wall while cursing myself for choosing grasscloth wallpaper because nothing can stick on it, and hanging each ketupat and FV Raya packet on it, while making sure it doesn’t tip the balance of the entire wire. I mean, it’s basically art mixed with engineering here guys. Serious skill stuff here.

“Why on earth would you put a backdrop in front of a busy backdrop?” Toots asked in the groupchat when I proudly sent them this.


“I thought can create “depth”.”

*cross Interior design skills off resume*

A few minutes later….

God bless you, son, for wanting to save… umm, this.

my white pants

March 26, 2017

It was many years ago, I was in the Calvin Klein store and debated whether I needed these pants that cost a thousand bucks. Of course I do, my heart says. No you idiot you don’t, my brain says. I’m not a big fan of what the brain says usually, and surrounded by fancy railings and pleasant saleswomen who smile at me and tell me I look good… Why can’t my brain be nice like them?

Ka-ching. Pants are mine, they come home with me and I happily put them on my hanger in my room. We’ll be best friends forever, I told them. And indeed we were.

These magical pants have seen me through so many things; pregnancy (they’re stretched beyond limits), fashion shows, giving me confidence to go on stage for anything, work meetings, fights with Dean, struggles with the kids, travel, heck I even cooked curry in them once and stood 5 feet away from the pot with only my arms out. God forbid any curry stains these babies. They’ve torn at the seams a bit, but Kak Siti always knew to sew them back, otherwise I can’t function in life. These pants have undergone surgery Twice. Hehe. #pregnancyproblems


I get compliments on them and they’re really a part of my life. After a few years, I see that theyre turning grey.. sometimes brown.. no matter how much I wash them. But I didn’t care. They’re family and they remain in my life, brown/grey and all. I tried to go to the shop again to find new ones for backup but nothing fit quite like these. I guess the pants wanted to remain special. The only ones in my life.

Today at lunch I dressed up a bit. Wore a gorgeousssss embroidered Biyan jacket, some satin sneakers (cool yet dressy), a plain dUCk to match and of course my go-to in life, my white pants.


Had such a great time but the kids were getting rowdy so I had to bend down and carry them a lot. But it’s ok, all was good. Took some photos with people, and walked down to the car.

Ahhh such a cooling day today, I thought to myself. The weather was good, I felt wind on my body, the breeze kissing my skin lightly. What an awesome day. Oh wow, I even feel the coolness at my back.. the top was loose, so I guess some air can come inside easily.. Hmmm, I also feel cold at my bum and legs. What weird weather.

Anyway, said goodbye to my guests for lunch and climbed into the car with the kids. Mariam was sleeping, so I was balancing my handbag and this 11kg I call my daughter in my arms. Daniel was with Dean but wanted to sit with me at the back, so I was wrestling them both in my arms. Daniel dropped a biscuit on the seat and I felt my seat to grab it before it breaks into a billion crumbs.

I accidentally grazed my hand onto my bum in the process, and that’s when I gasped.

It wasn’t weird weather.

I felt the wind because my pants looked like this from the back.


Let me just compose myself, ladies and gentlemen. So many things going through my mind. Did people see my bum? Was that why people were looking and smiling? How did they rip? When???? Who should I scold about this? Can I still sew it up? Can it still be saved?


Umm… maybe not?

The. End. Of. An. Era.



I’m pretty sure my top was long enough to cover my bum but stillllll I’m pretty sure I bent down a few times to pick up the kids… so yeah. There is a possibility that the waiters at Mandarin Oriental saw my bum… I always felt close to them because I go there so often, so I guess this is next level friendship? HAHAHAHA.

I’m still in mourning now, but I’ve come to accept the passing of my white pants. I’ve also forgiven Calvin Klein for not making these pants anymore despite me sending them angry phone calls and telling them it’s the end of an era. I have no regrets, spent a fortune on these pants and wore them to death, shared so many good memories with them and they’ve served their life’s purpose till the very end gracefully. Well, actually grace probably isn’t the best word to describe my exposed bum.

You will forever be in my heart and no other white pants will ever replace you. I refuse to throw you away, so into my memory drawer you go, you beautiful innocent soul. RIP, white pants.

And if Kak Siti ever throws you in the bin, RIP Kak Siti also.


brunch with FashionValet Indonesia

February 11, 2016

I just got back from an intimate session (wow that sounds wrong..) in Jakarta for FV Indonesia with fashion bloggers, some fashion designers and editors of magazines here. I was practically cringing when I saw the guest list the team sent me and immediately went on Instagram to stalk all of them to memorise their faces and find out a bit more about what they do. Homework!

When I arrived and guests started filling in, I was more relaxed and started to feel at ease. It doesn’t matter how many of these events I’ve hosted or how many times I’ve spoken to cameras, but this was a big deal because it was our first ever gathering for FV Indo. I didn’t know anyone there nor am I known there, so I gotta work extra hard to establish FV in Indo.

When everyone was seated, Dean looked at me, “Go and say a few words.’ WHATDOYOUMEANSAYAFEWWORDSPLEASEDONTMAKEMEGIVEASPEECH.

1 minute later, I was standing in front of everyone trying hard to look like I do this all the time. Haha. I survived my speech (everyone survived too phew) and then, we did what all girls did; talk, eat and take photos. Indonesian fashion bloggers, I gotta say, they take fashion on another level. Everyone had a camera there, pictures of phones just won’t do! And they know all the editing apps slimming apps smoothing face apps, I learned so much! Girlllll my Instagram pics now are gonna blow yo mandddd….

Some pics to share:

Fashion Valet ID -60 DSCF2120
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.11 AM Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.49 AM Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.38 AM DSCF2189 Fashion Valet ID -75 Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.56 AM Fashion Valet ID -2

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.10.45 AM

Wearing a loose kebaya top worn as a cardigan from Studio 133 Biyan at FashionValet.

We also did a flower art activity that the team planned and I found my hidden talent.

DSCF2153 DSCF2201 Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.21 AM

Say Hi to Clara, guys.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.30 AM

After the event, I just felt so grateful. Was so touched that people actually came to show support and how much confidence I had in the team. Because the team is far away from me, I only really get updates but they do all the work so I really gotta hand it to them for keeping it together so well without me.

Got back to the hotel, packed, and now I’m on the plane back to KL. As I write this, Dean is next to me and I just feel so much love for him.


We’ve been together for so long and ups and downs, growing our family, growing FV, we’ve never left each other’s sides. And no matter how long he stared adoringly at those gorgeous fashion bloggers just now (was pretty embarrassing, I had to pull him away), I know that I’m the luckiest woman to be with him.

You know when you look at your husband sometimes and you think Mannnn, I love him. I’m feeling that right now.

So I poked him. His eyes were closed but they were open just a few seconds ago, so I know he’s not asleep yet.

He opened one eye. “Mmmm?”

Oh so he was asleep. Ooopss. Well now I’m just gonna sound stupid saying what I want to say.

“Hey… let’s grow old together.” I said randomly.

“Yeah, sure.”

So much love, I can’t handle it sometimes. -____-“