About Proudduck

It all started when my friend Sofia set up a WordPress account for me. Ten years ago, one fine evening, Proudduck was born. I love to write (I used to write short stories in primary school and make my friends rent it for 50 cents – they’re such suckers.). Writing to me is so therapeutic and I do it out of love, so not once did I imagine Proudduck to be the start of my very public career.

The funny thing is that I blogged anonymously at first, because I was scared my dad (very strict, btw. 4pm curfew kind of guy) would find out. I blogged for a good few years without revealing my name or telling people about it. Little did I know my dad already knew from the start (because someone told him, why do people do that?!) but he chose to keep quiet because he wanted to keep tabs on my activities in London. On my graduation day, he said to me, “Continue writing. You have a gift.”

I never looked back since.

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Blogging has been the start of all my achievements, the platform for me to share all sorts of personal stories, and the place I share my journey. Most of my readers have followed me since university life where I met Dean, started a business with him, married him, moved in together, and now share two amazing children and businesses with him. They’ve seen me grow from being a student, a daughter, a wife, an entrepreneur and now a mom too. My ups and downs, my thoughts and nonsense, my wins and losses, they are all here at Proudduck.

This is my happy place, and maybe it can be yours too!