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klfw 2015 begins

The fashion week madness is starting soon. The FV fashion buyers will basically be living in Pavilion the entire week with the back to back shows. KLFW, bring it onnnnn! The previous 2 fashion weeks I was pregnant haha. I still remember pregnant with Daniel at 9 months, thank God no water broke out of the excitement of seeing nice clothes. Not pregnant this year, phewwww!

Thank you Tongue in Chic for making me your front row choice.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.27.40 AM

Not hard to spot the only girl in tudung haha.

Thought this video of theirs is hilarious. Watch!

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personal statement

My youngest brother in law is going to university soon and we were ready to do his personal statement application last night. It ended up with a lot of first sentence options, and going out to dinner instead. At least the first sentence is somewhat sorted huh… haha

I remember how stressful it was to write my personal statement. It went through many many drafts and I’m lucky I could write mine on a laptop and edit, or else I’d have a wastepaper basket overloaded with scrunched-up paper. I consulted a lot of people and my teacher in Badminton School (where I did my A Levels) was my point of reference. She’s been through so many personal statements and she’s seen so many successes and failures, so I trusted her judgment. You need to have someone experienced to guide you, and more often than not, it’s going to be your teacher. God bless teachers!

I can’t imagine the university application committee for each uni… can you imagine how many personal statements they have to “read” through? I doubt they even go through them properly… just read the first line and if it starts with “I was a Head Girl in school….”, they’d take their coffee and yawn. Yes, you have good grades. But almost all those applicants do too. Yes, you were Head Girl. Half the pile are Head Girls from schools all over the world. Yes, you represented your country for something amazing. Again, so did half the pile.

So for me, it wasn’t just bragging about what you’ve done in school and your good grades. You need to have a punchline, you need to start off strong with a controversial statement solely to grab the attention of the (most probably sleepy) person checking your application. I used to be so naive thinking people really take time to check your efforts, but the world is big and vast, no one has the time unless you really give them a reason to remember you. Honestly, your parents might think you’re special (I love you too, Mom and Dad), but you’ve got so much more to prove to the world. Parents repeatedly telling us we are the best and no one else is comparable – I think this is one of the reasons why Gen Y (or Z) is so spoiled these days in terms of not wanting to work the extra mile but want the moon and the stars in return. When it came to academic, my parents were like Mehhh when I got 97% for a test (nothing less than 100%… such Asians!) and I have a feeling I’ll be like this with my own children too. Hehe. #goodluckdanielandmariam

I’m not saying I had a great personal statement, but I did put a lot of thought into it. And it got me accepted into LSE without an interview and it got me an interview at Oxford University (before getting terribly rejected haha. You can read about my interview experience here and also more on my overall education experience here).

So to all of my younger readers who are about to apply for uni, study hard (or better yet, smart) to get all the A’s. Take some time to really think about your personal statement. And kill it at the interviews ok? And remember that if you don’t get what you want, it’s not the end of the world. Life still goes on and Allah swt has good plans for you anyway, but it’s important to never have regrets and looking back knowing that you never took anything for granted. So do the best you can in everything that you do. You owe yourself (and your parents) that.

I wish you all the best!

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walking zombies

There were so many moments when I’m like “Ooohhh I have to blog about this!” and then so many other things happen after that and I’m like Oh forget it, the moment’s gone. I have to start writing things down asap or else, I’d forget.

I think my life now is at the craziest it’s ever been. Days are filled with things and even when I’m feeling so exhausted, there’s just no re-scheduling because things need to get moving. The business is scaling up so fast now, the team is bigger and better with leaders in their own rights, so Dean and I also need to step up. This isn’t the time to chill, we’re only in our late 20s and we should be working the hardest now.

At the same time, unlike most of our single colleagues, we don’t come home to resting time, reading on the couch etc. We have not one but two beautiful children who we miss dearly at the end of every day and no matter how tired, we want to spend every possible time with them. BUT I’m not going to paint you a picture perfect life. Seriously, Dean and I are so sleep deprived because Daniel and Mariam will take turns waking up even if it’s just once and for milk etc. I have some friends who tell me their children sleep with their nannies and as much as I love the idea of me sleeping through the night, the jealous mom in me won’t allow that. People ask us when the third baby is coming, we can see ourselves laughing at that question, while rolling off the floor to the other side of the room.

We’d love to go on a holiday to relax and rejuvenate, but bringing two babies along… fuhhhh, the thought just scares me. And if we don’t bring them, we know we won’t enjoy the trip because we’d spend half the time video-calling them.

So yeah, we’re pretty much walking zombies now, Dean and I. People keep writing to me saying they see me as their inspiration etc, but quite honestly, I’m struggling to find a balance myself! I think no one’s got it all figured out. If you do, please let me know because I’m super tired right now! Haha.

I’ve got a long list of things I want to blog about but time and energy seem to very stingy these days. Will make time though, soon! Till the next post. #Godpleaseletmesleepwelltonight

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in the cake studio

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I totally stood on the chair for this.

I hardly see my best friends because all of us are occupied with work and family. If it were up to Asma’ and I, we’d be bring our laptops and cake utensils to Petronas to see Toots. It’s so hard to get our times to match for some quality AVA time so really, the whole reason why we’re still friends is the existence of WhatsApp. Invention of the decade! Haha. (Seriously, I’d have no more friends if it weren’t for WhatsApp).

Today, I graduated from the madness at the warehouse and I’m greeted with a scary-looking inbox. I needed some alone time just to reply emails and even then, I couldn’t finish replying all (sorry if you emailed me and I haven’t replied… am trying my best!).

But what’s different this time is that my laptop and I were nicely tucked in Asma’s new Gateauxlicious studio which is soon going to become my hideaway. Amidst the serious work stuff I was dealing with, I felt so at peace here just typing while she does her cakes. Sometimes, you just want to be alone but not really alone, you know what I mean? Just you, your laptop and a best friend who couldn’t care less if you’re there or not. Haha. Was a good evening, Alhamdulillah!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Btw, if you’re into cakes and flowers, you might want to keep a lookout on Gateaux’s instagram because they’re going to roll out their classes starting September 2015.


I registered but Asma’ rejected my application saying I have no hope. Whatevs, her loss. Pfftttt.

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feeling thankful

As I write this, one hand is sort of numb because its wrist and arm are holding the weight of my little baby girl Mariam. I’m sitting here on the couch with a pillow on my lap, and on top of it is this laptop that my 10 fingers are furiously typing. on Oh, the lengths I go to nowadays just to update my blog! Haha.

In all seriousness, life is getting more challenging now. Work pressure is up like ten notches now with the funding and expansion and new physical store, on top of the scarves and planning the new stationery brand. We just had a huge 50% off sale recently and fulfillment was going mad everyday. On my personal side, I haven’t been home much admittedly and a lot has to be settled. I need to springclean every room and laundry is piling up… you can forget any fresh flowers, my house is where flowers go to die these days. My two children (it’s still weird to say that!) are growing up so fast and they demand a lot of attention at this point, especially Daniel who can talk now and constantly goes Mommy-Daddy-Mommy-Daddy.

Tonight, Dean was putting Daniel to sleep and I was putting Mariam to sleep. One each. But we were both struggling because Daniel was still wanting to play and Mariam refuses to be put down in her cot (hence why I’m blogging with one hand right now). I tried 4 times, but each time she’d wake up again and cry to be picked up. Now, she’s lying face down on my chest and apart from my keyboard sound of me typing, the only other sound I hear is her breathing.

Here, lemme show you via Photo Booth!

Photo on 8-1-15 at 11.19 PM #2

As hectic as life is for Dean and I now, I can’t help but feel so complete. I was praying Isyak just now and instead of making doa for things that I want which is usually the case, tonight I just thanked God over and over again. Yes I have my own issues, everyone does, but there are so many things in life to be thankful for. Despite having fast-paced and sometimes tiring days, my life is still really wonderful and I wouldn’t trade it with anyone’s. I think nowadays, people are so busy comparing their lives with others especially those portrayed on social media, that they forget to just focus on their lives and really open their eyes to the beauty that God has given them. Look around and tell me there isn’t one thing in your life that you’re grateful for! Whether it be your children, or good health, or your wonderful husband, or having a job to pay the bills or just simply having a roof over your head, always remember that there are people worse off and that we are very very lucky. I know I am extremely lucky, Alhamdulillah for everything. And I hope you are saying Alhamdulillah for everything too. Never compare your life to someone else’s because God has different paths set out for each and every one of us. At the end of the day, we’re all meeting at the same point.

Here’s a reminder to always be positive and grateful to our Creator.

Mariam’s starting to drool on my kaftan, so wish me luck to putting her down in her cot for the fifth time… Good night, everyone!

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scouting for schools

During the Raya break, we focused on the kids. Well more on Daniel because we have to start scouting for a preschool as he just turned two.

 So I called one of the famous preschools and suddenly some fake posh accent came out from my mouth.

“Hello there, bla bla bla… interested to put my son to school… his name is Daniel,” and I emphasized the Dan with some really weird British accent. I sounded hilarious guys, like a really confused mom. I even said Hello there, like please ok, Hi would’ve been enough.

Oh gosh, I’ve become one of those competitive parents!

The day of the appointment with the principal, Dean wore a polo tee and jeans. After my IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE WEARING DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS SCHOOL HAS A WAITING LIST WE NEED TO IMPRESS face, he didn’t even change. Hello, am I the only one who cares about our children’s education?

 We visited the school and thank God my fake-weird-confused-sometimes-British-sometimes-American-sometimes-German accent didn’t come out. I was normal, phew. The teacher was really nice and I think she was impressed by my questions. Totally google-d what a parent would ask schools. One popular one to sound smart, “What if my child is too advanced, can he skip a year?” Fuuhhh immediately bumped one up in waiting list, guys. Another one would be “Is there a waiting room for his nannies?” Emphasise on the plural even when the reality is you just have your Kak Siti. The whole time, I was trying not to laugh because I was imagining Daniel’s bored Kakak waiting for him looking totally unimpressed that she has to be there. BAHAHHAHAH. Then say, “Oh you don’t have a nanny waiting room?” and add a “Hmmm…” like you’re not impressed.

Got this in the bag, guys.


No nanny room? Come on guys…

Daniel was running around the play area and earlier I had warned him to behave and act cool. Like just be cool, Daniel! Act like you don’t really want to go to this school. He did well with my instructions but he took it a bit too far because he decided to poop during the visit. -___-“

Anyway, all was good we said our goodbyes. And then we opened the folder they gave with the fees.


I have to pay that much for Daniel to play with bowls and crayons?!! I think they accidentally added one extra zero and there was a mistake. Sigh this limited edition designer school is looking even more delicious. Maybe Daniel can watch from outside their glass building and he’ll learn along the way? He’ll bring his own bowls, promise.

Dean looked at me and laughed, “I think YouTube is good enough for Daniel to learn, don’t you think?”

Oh yes totally agree. Youtube ftw.

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our raya 2015


This was Mariam’s first Raya and I had fun dressing her up in cute little clothes! With Daniel, it’s just boring baju melayu sets, the same thing every year just different colour. But with Mariam, the ladies at Mimpikita made her a really adorable lilac peplum kurung to go with the rest of us in lilac too.

We spent Raya morning with Dean’s side of the family and moved on to my side after the prayers. This is the awesome bit about not having to argue which kampung to go back to for Raya, because both our families are in KL. (I always say, ladies, before marrying the guy, ask where he spends his Raya! If it’s far from you…. no go. #ijoke #thereissometruthtothatthough #thinkinglongterm)


What is life without a flatlay…


So hard to…


….get a family photo….




Want to spend all my Raya’s with you, baby.


Daniel and cousin Alex went to the mosque for Solat Raya. Was Daniel’s first time!


You may kiss the bride….


What. Are. We. Going. To. Do. About. Your. Hair. Mariam.


Daniel being clingy with none other than his favourite person in the whole world…

Then when the kids conked out… guess where Dean and I went off for our Raya date?


That’s right! Oh I’ve missed you, you chipped-borderline-dangerous bowls of yumminess. Boat Noodle on the first day of Raya, now that’s desperation after a whole month of not having any hehe.


Balik kampung! Mariam’s first time in her great grandparents’ kampung in Negeri Sembilan.


She loves the nature…


This one, not so much…

We went to a couple of open houses and we went back to Negeri Sembilan (Dean’s grandparents’ place) for a day trip but it’s been fairly relaxing so far. We gave the whole FV and dUCk team a very long Raya break, longer than the usual days other companies give, so everyone’s just kind of chilling after a stressful period! They definitely deserve the long break. I miss the office but I’m enjoying every bit of this Raya break. I realised how much fun I have with the kids and I want to do so much more as a mom e.g. set up activity timetables for Daniel, take them to the zoo… heck, I was even hanging around the cookbook section at Times bookstore just now! I didn’t buy anything though… spent 10 minutes there and almost hyperventilated chanting “I can’t do this… Too hard… I can’t do this… Too hard.” Domestic goddess is crossed off my Goals list, thank you very much.

Hope your Raya is going well, wherever you are in this world!

And if you see me around, be sure to give me two of these. I have two kids this Raya. :”)


First day: Lavender aere x dUCK scarf and INNAI for FV kurung, both FashionValet.

Second day: Black Orchid Peachskin dUCk scarf and Malaque for FV knurl (comes in blue and beige), both FashionValet