landed in tokyo

September 7, 2016 • 5,212 views • 19 comments •  shares

I’m in Tokyo now!! Can’t wait to blog more about this trip. Bet you’re like she’s such a liar. Ok fine, I still owe you New York and Melbourne posts, so I should stop making blog promises *hides under covers*

We’re here for the first time ever so I’m really excited. Spent the plane ride reading about what to do and where to go in Tokyo. Learned some Japanese words like Muji, Uniqlo and Toyota… hmmm pretty sure I won’t survive here haha.

It’s a work trip as we’re meeting our Japanese investors (news reports here and here in case you didn’t know about the Series B funding news) and having a tour of their operations. I’m sooooo excited because their warehouse is acres-wide and they have conveyor belts and all…. I might just pee in my pants in awe. E-commerce heaven, I tell you. I’m so thankful Masyaallah for this partnership. Because when we were fundraising, everyone could just offer money, but not much synergy or extra expertise we could leverage on to improve… then suddenly they came knocking on our doors and it was like fate. Allah swt works in amazing ways, there’s a reason for everything. Anyway, the Love, Vivy crew should’ve come on this trip because I would’ve loved to share this experience with everyone, but they don’t allow any cameras in their compound here, so boo. Gonna cram as much as photographic memory as I can into my brain.

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thank you, mr. cot

September 4, 2016 • 4,173 views • 16 comments •  shares

People keep asking us, So when’s Baby No 3 coming? And we would just shake our heads vigorously, almost shouting “Not anytime soon” unanimously. Of course, at the time people always ask, Dean is carrying Mariam wiping her snot and head to shoulder with a phone in between answering a call, while I am trying to wipe ice cream all over Daniel’s nose and trying hard not to get some on my white outfit!

Dean and I haven’t discussed this officially but we both kind of agreed that we wanted Mariam to have a nice couple of years being the youngest and having as much attention as possible. Daniel had a good year plus of just having us fully, and when Mariam came out, it’s always been shared attention for her so we just want to make sure she feels crazy loved by us. Realistically, we have so much pressure managing and expanding FV and dUCk , that we’re not even thinking about having another baby. Plus, we just paid the school fees for both children and gulped a little. That’s just one term… and it’s playschool!!! I’d do a double gulp if I had to pay for 5 or 6 children’s education (Seriously soooooo much respect for you guys who have lots of kids!).

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mine all mine

August 28, 2016 • 3,438 views • 28 comments •  shares

Ok I have to admit. Going to the toy store is as much a treat for me as it is for the kids. Hehe. I keep looking at all the toys and going OMG OMG OMG. I mean, they have a mini cashier now guys, with credit cards and money and even the conveyor belt! They have vacuum cleaner, they have ironing set, they have a microwave, they have a baking set… I totally need them! My kids totally need them to learn ummm, you know, ironing  their own clothes and all.

The kids get one toy each so they have to choose carefully.


getting recognition

August 26, 2016 • 2,122 views • 14 comments •  shares

Rezeki just comes unexpectedly most of time, when you least expect it to. When Dean and I work, we really really don’t look for any recognition or to win awards or anything like that. It’s truly what we love doing, building a business together, and what’s best is that we get to help the brands we carry too. As FashionValet grows, so do the 500 labels and counting under us. I love love love my job and this really motivates me to go higher.

No one knows the pressure entrepreneurs have, from small to big decisions, from recruitment to resignations, from achievements to failures, from acknowledgments to rejections; every entrepreneur will have to face all of these, no matter who they are or what their background is. I wish I can write a book about being a young entrepreneur, being criticised and doubted all the time! I couldn’t go through all of that without Dean as the coolest partner in the world, so who you choose as your partner is important. I’d say it is so so important that the success or failure of a business can really depend on the synergy between partners.


to fellow parents

August 25, 2016 • 2,975 views • 65 comments •  shares

Admittedly, I’ve been so busy these past few weeks. I honestly thought things will slow down after Raya but seems like it’s the same pace *cries*. It’s gotten so bad that there’s not enough things in my fridge and by hook or by crook, I need to get my kids’ milk from the supermarket tonight.

I have an early flight to catch tomorrow so I already planned everything in my head. After work, go to the supermarket, pick up the kids from grandma’s, play with them a bit, then they’ll go off to sleep obediently by 10pm. I needed to sleep early but I want some cuddle time with Dean while we watch maybe one episode of New Girl together, and maybe also go through my emails that have been starred for months. Everything was planned.