i’m back!

December 10, 2017 • 20 comments • 26817 views

 I’ve been having serious writer’s block for weeks haha, hence the no update here. I’ve been traveling (went to Dubai, Koh Samui and Europe in this short time!), working a whole lot because FV is rebranding (more on that soon!) and as you know, I’ve started my YouTube channel too. That’s been going great to be honest. I’ve done 13 videos and gained 50k subscribers in just one month! Here’s my latest video that I just uploaded yesterday.

But….. something’s gotta give and that’s unfortunately Proudduck – which sucks. I miss writing sooooo much and I realise that I don’t want to forget the little little things that happen everyday (which is too small to do a video for). So here I am! Back to my old self.

report cards

November 24, 2017 • 15 comments • 33285 views

This week, we had the quarterly report card session with Mariam’s playschool just to see her progress. Determined, strong, stubborn, bossy – some of the keywords that were repeated in the conversation. I wanted to laugh because everytime the teacher explained it, I’m like yepppp that’s definitely Mariam, alright.

My sweet but stubborn little munchkin.

Apparently when the other kids want to play something else, she’ll somehow make everyone play what she wants to play. And if the kid doesn’t want to listen to the teacher, she’ll go to the kid and scowl so that he’ll be obedient. When the teacher says arts and craft time is over, she’ll say nope and continue pasting and colouring. #iamme #idecide #whyismychildsomuchlikeme

always your little girl

November 15, 2017 • 11 comments • 30666 views

For the past month, my home was under renovation and I’ve been living at my parents. Me, Fadza, the kids and the whole shebang – we just showed up with suitcases with a PLEASE TAKE US sign.

My mom was obviously so happy to have her baby back, and my dad secretly enjoyed it too although he’ll never admit it *roll eyes*. They quickly cleaned up my room, changed the sheets, did the mosquito thingy and the air purifier thingy – my mom is such a mom. If Daniel and Mariam wanted to come back and sleep, I’ll be like nah this is a vacuum cleaner, please press ON.

youtube channel

November 7, 2017 • 54 comments • 25750 views

So I started a YouTube Channel!

On top of blogging and running the businesses haha!

I was previously very opposed to the idea of videos but I think I learned to enjoy it after Instastory came to life and I’m so obsessed with it haha. Anyway, in a week, I’ve got almost 30K subscribers and what I thought was going to be a simple la-dee-da thing is now looking quite scary. My first entry has got 127 thousand views, imagine that in human numbers… omg suddenly so much anxiety in me! #nopressure

mariam is growing up

November 3, 2017 • 19 comments • 39224 views

You know how I used to write that Mariam was such a Daddy’s girl? Like everytime Fadza comes home, she drops everything and runs to him. And when I come home alone, she’ll ask “Where’s Daddy?”

Well she’s turning 3 in February.

And well….. nothing has changed in that department.

Her Daddy’s Girl nametag is still very much in tact. -____-“

But honestly, guys, she’s just as much Mommy’s Girl when no one is looking. Bahahaha how sad do I sound?! No really, guys, she really loves me. I SWEAR.