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their first pet

August 12, 2016 • 621 views • 17 comments

So umm these came along when I picked up the kids from school.

I stared at them, they stared at me. We were both sighing because we have no idea how this relationship even started. Haha!

It was very cute though. Everyone from school came out with a little aquarium(? tupperware?? what do you call fish boxes?). Every kid had a huge smile on their faces, happy to carry their first pet home, and next to them… faces just like mine; parents thinking “Ohhh just greatttttt, more responsibilities woohoo.”

Hold on to your love

we are all the same

August 7, 2016 • 756 views • 29 comments

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I had an interesting conversation with my maid today about an incident that happened few weeks back.

Few weeks back, my inlaws hosted an open house and there was a band. They were performing all sorts of songs (English, Malay, Indonesian, Taylor Swift.. you name it), and they encouraged the crowd to come and sing with the mic etc etc. Nothing out of the ordinary; a lot of events have sporting people come up and sing along too, most of the time mediocre-ly hehe. Anyway, to cut the story short, I was mortified when I saw my maid up there along with another maid belting out an Indonesian song and dancing away in front of a crowd. I thought this was so inappropriate, especially because there were so many men watching them and taking videos. I gave her a long lecture that night and basically told her if she wants to work with me, be serious and behave demurely especially in public. While I had to entertain guests, she was supposed to take care of my kids, not entertain the crowd. She agreed and ever since that, she has been good to us and not pulling any more of that kind of stunt.


siti poppy

July 29, 2016 • 1,080 views • 54 comments

Ok only my long time Proudduck readers would understand my excitement for this, hehe. Others would find this show-off-y but I promise you it’s nothing like that. It’s just that I’ve been talking about this a few times in my blog and I’d just like to share with you the story behind this thing I want to introduce to you.

It was a hot hot hot day in Paris recently and I really couldn’t be bothered to walk around the city any longer, but it would simply be rude not to visit the holy walls of Hermes. Even if you don’t buy anything, you should at least kirim salam. Hehe. Dean wanted to get a few things for him, and I SWEAR I HAD NO INTENTION TO BUY ANYTHING.


daniel’s birthday walk

July 26, 2016 • 779 views • 25 comments

Remember those times when you had birthdays in school and your mom sends a cake and a clown and a whole hoopla?


Who does that?! I never had birthdays in school when I was younger… or maybe I just can’t remember.

But mann… birthdays nowadays are no joke. When they turn 1, they obviously have to have a party of 200 people in a ballroom somewhere. When they turn 10, you obviously need to get ponies and helicopter rides… Hahah. No but seriously, I was sending Daniel to school and the teacher pulled me aside, “So Puan Vivy, when will you be doing Daniel’s birthday walk?”


3 days in paris

July 23, 2016 • 639 views • 14 comments

Suddenly there was the news about the mass killing in France. Dean looked at me and we instantly had the same worried look. We were going to Paris in 2 days time to shoot dUCk’s latest Limited Edition piece that was inspired from a place there, should we cancel our trip??

We were both worried if they were going to have a heightened anti-Muslim movement and with me wearing the headscarf, it would be scary. Postponing this trip could mean another 2 months time because it was hard enough to squeeze in 3 days to travel with our work commitments. At the end of it, we decided to just go, God will protect us. And protect us, He did! I totally understand why people would lose their headscarf when they travel overseas because we would normally be minorities in the west and some even look at us differently (I definitely felt a bit left out in San Francisco because not a lot of women wear the headscarf), so I won’t judge if they do. But I’m telling you, the more you keep it on, the more God would protect you. I was treated sooooo well in Paris, people gave me salam and opened doors for me, the hotel butlers kept sending us snacks, people on the streets smiled at me, I was given priority at shops… it was crazy! THANK GOD we went with our guts and didn’t cancel. Because we wouldn’t have had an amazing break that we needed.