what i learned on daniel’s 3rd birthday

July 9, 2016 • 319 views • 13 comments • 20 shares

Daniel’s birthday is always around Ramadhan time so poor guy never really had a big celebration. The first year, we had a cake after terawih and a lot of people reading doa for him which was nice. Second birthday it was Ramadhan as well and we celebrated with a cake in an intimate setting. Intimate is just a nicer word for only-immediate-family-members-bothered-to-come haha. Then this year, it wasn’t Ramadhan but it was the third day of Raya which means a lot of people are still in their hometowns and not free. I even tried to order a cake but no one is taking orders because everyone was on holiday. Mariam had a huge 1st birthday and Daniel… well, he had a tub of half-eaten ice cream with spoons as candles at midnight today. Hehe.

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raya eve

July 6, 2016 • 305 views • 11 comments

My view right now.

It’s Raya eve and this year we are sleeping over my parents’ house and it’s so fun with my sister’s family here too. The house is chaotic and I can see happiness in my parents’ faces having the complete family here with them. Because we are a small family, one person’s absence is really felt so I’m so happy that everyone’s here today.

My kids are fast asleep and have no clue what’s going on, but just look at them sleeping peacefully. These were the same pillowcases I slept on as a child and now my kids are sleeping on them. It’s crazyyyy! I’m in my room now and everything is still the same. Photo frames of me as a child, pink cupboards, pink laundry basket, pink wallpaper (torn at certain places), pink teddybears… I’m so glad my parents kept my room as it was. Dean? He’s terrified of this room. This room screams Little Teenage-Hormones Vivy.


mariam does her passport

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Everyone who follows my Insta posts would know that I’m super busy at work with the Raya madness now. Everyday it’s late nights in the warehouse and the beauty is that the team bonds so much every Ramadan, we pray together, we break fast together, we laugh and sweat and get stressed together. It’s a huge learning curve this year because we were doing so many things at once and we could have done few things better, so definitely this Raya period was an experience we would never forget. Amidst the stress, I managed to sneak in some time to…. BOOK OUR FAMILY HOLIDAY POST-RAYA!!!!


first school concert

June 27, 2016 • 487 views • 5 comments • 5 shares

While snapping this photo, I was literally dancing and begging them to at least smile for the camera.



Daniel and Mariam had their first ever school concert the other day and I need to blog about this so they will always remember it. They were both in different classes so they had separate performances so out of the 20 performances there, I stayed the wholeeeee times for TWO short performances. You guys know how excited I am about children… zzzz. -____-” If it weren’t for these two, I wouldn’t have discovered any maternal bone in my body. But anyway, yes, I survived their school concert and clapped for every performance, just to show support to the other kids whose names I don’t know. *bows*


gen Y

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Someone elder said to me the other day; “I don’t understand your generation. Why you people like that ah?”

Defensive, I jumped back and said, “Whatttt!”

“You people are very unhappy and unsatisfied all the time. You want a lot of salary with only a few years experience, you never want to do things outside your scope and you are never excited about anything.  Give you benefits and perks also, not happy. Give you increment also not enough even though your work is mediocre. Give you ownership of a project also, and then when things go wrong, you don’t take ownership. What do you people want ah?” – the conversation was longer, but basically this was the gist.