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dean turns 28

For Dean’s birthday this year, we surprised him 2 days early! He absolutely had no idea of course so I’d say this is a good strategy for a surprise party. But then again, it’s bad cos on the actual birthday, you have to figure something out again. Hehe.

We surprised him in the office with of course, his face all over the walls. LOVE embarrassing him as usual. And three four-layer cakes to feed 106 of us in the office. I can’t believe FV has grown that much! We had lunch together and as a treat to everyone, we closed down the entire office to have a team-bonding-celebrating-Dean session at District21, an indoor adventure park in Putrajaya. So not my thing, I had to literally buy sneakers for this, but seeing how much fun Dean and the whole of FV team had, it was super duper worth it!

Some pics to share:



20160406_113433 IMG-20160406-WA0029




IMG-20160406-WA0140 20160406_113148 IMG-20160406-WA0026 IMG-20160406-WA0020 20160406_113500 20160406_115646 IMG-20160406-WA0040 20160406_174844

On his actual birthday today, I am being blessed by this view:



More about this trip later (or better yet, on my new reality show soon! Need to tell you guys about that!) because everyone’s snoring now – tired from today’s drive to Penang and a whole day of fun and wiping snot, saliva, chocolate, you name it.

But I just want to remember this day; my husband turns 28 and gosh, you really can admire and love a person more and more each day. May you be given the best in this life and the hereafter, my love, and I hope we will grow old happy together always. Love always, your (one and only!!!) wife.

the white kotex

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Bloated, hungry, moody, tired, want to punch everyone for no reason, ridiculous phrases like “I hate her, I hate the way she breathes”… you know Aunty is comingggg! Run, husband, runnnn!

My period symptoms aren’t very bad actually, but lately I think cos the weather is so hot and I’m always working and when I come home, the kids jump all over me, I get a bit uncomfortable. Like I want to shower and lie under the aircond all day.

One time, I got really annoyed because all the pads in the house finished. I usually keep a stash in the cupboard below the sink but I guess I never realized stock was depleting (or maybe Kak Siti’s Aunty came too). Dean was on the way back so I asked his help to get me some from the shop.

“The blue Kotex one k!”

He came back with some white packets of pads.

“I SAID BLUE!!” I was so annoyed that if I was a cartoon character, I would have smoke coming out of both nostrils and my hair would be standing like I got electrocuted and my eyeballs would be as big as my head.

“You said Kotex!”

“Yes, Kotex is blue.”

“No, the lady said this was their new one. It’s really good.”

How would he know? -___-“

But ok fine. He was not lying.

Because not long after that, my blog manager texted me that I was offered to do a review for their new range; the Kotex Odor Care.

I would normally be embarrassed to say but come on, we all sistahsss here. We do not smell good at that region when we have our periods and we can’t control it!! That’s why I get conscious to change my pad 72 times a day. So when I saw Odor Care, I’m like hmmmm this could change my life.


There are 2 scents; Lavender and Daun Sirih. Daun sirih guys!! How… different! Lavender is known for therapeutic purposes so I was like oh ok, but daun sirih! Did you know daun sirih is traditionally used for intimate hygiene? It makes total sense to use it in pads! So cool that Kotex used natural ingredient extract for this range.

20160315_133713 copy

Verdict; ok I like it a lot, I even flatlay-ed it haha! I wasn’t as conscious about my odor and it was definitely comfortable. And ok, I don’t know if this is psychology or what, but I felt a cooling feeling in that region. Like got my own mini aircond. I don’t think Kotex meant for this, but hey, an added bonus for us customers? I might be deluded, you tell me! You can get your free sample here!

I made Dean dinner that night because I felt bad scolding him for not getting me my normal blue pads. All’s good now.

working girl


Yesterday was such a surreal day.

We finally have our own FV billboard on the Federal Highway. I’ve been talking about wanting a billboard ever since FV started followed by a “We can’t afford it yet, it doesn’t make financial sense,” from Dean followed by a Hrrmpphhhhh from me.

But I get it though. Billboards are more for awareness, not so much for quick conversions like online marketing. And because they cost a bomb (and an arm and a leg or two), they would usually be the last form of marketing unless you have a big budget for a campaign. It’s always been my dream and finallyyyyyy today after 5 years, dreams really do come true.

It took so long for the people to take down the existing billboard to put up FV’s one. I almost volunteered to climb up there and pull it down myself hehe. I reckon I’d do it faster than anyone else. The team kept sending pictures of the BTS and my heart was beating so fast. I have never seen a huge piece of poster that big on the ground. And it had my baby’s logo on it…. PINCH ME, SOMEBODY.



I arrived at the site when it was all set up already and my eyeballs almost popped. I’m sorry, I know I should be cool like oh-billboard-yeah-totally-used-to-it like those big companies out there, but no ok, THIS IS A HUGE DAY AND I’M GOING TO BE JAKUN ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING. Totally going to go up and down the highway just for fun from now on.

IMG-20160402-WA0030 IMG-20160402-WA0031 IMG-20160402-WA0028

With the abangs who put up the billboard. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome, even though you had a long lunch break and made us wait.


The catfood billboard, though…


There, much better! BAHAHAHAAH.

On the way to the site, I was feeling a little nostalgic and I came across my blogpost back in November 2010 when FV first started. Remember Opah? Click here. Oh man if she were alive, she would’ve insisted to come and see the billboard with me. Well, she’d make me go buy her some tosai and milo first, and then she’d eat it while watching the billboard go up. And after 2 minutes tell me it’s too hot out here so let’s go back. Hehe. Goshhh I miss my grandmothers, both Opah and Tok. Wish they were both here! But if they are looking on me from the other realm, I sure hope they’d be proud of me. And I sure hope there’s a lot of tosai there so they’re not left hungry and grumpy.

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minty fresh

DSC_0519 DSC_0513 DSC_0496 DSC_0527 DSC_0509 DSC_0351 DSC_0530 DSC_0506

Again with the dramatic tail at the back, I can’t get over this look! Instant dress-up look even when you’re not trying. Love it!

(Pics are overexposed cos they were taken by Iman. She totally exaggerated her photography skills in her interview pftttttttt)

Wearing Peonies Blooming dUCk and long top (available in many colours and sizes) from Blubelle at FashionValet

being a mom

outside daniel’s room

Daniel’s really the cheeky little fella who makes all of us smile in the family. For a 2-and-a-half-year old, he speaks really well so he can converse with you and when you say something that doesn’t make sense to him, he’ll go “Huh?” and thinks about it like an adult. Every morning, I’ll find him next to me and before we get ready for work/school, we’ll always have a little cuddle and tickle. His smile just lights up everything and is the best start to my day.

But he’s also at that cheeky stage where he gets a little naughty. Now, he has this habit of ignoring you when you call him. He obviously can hear you, but if he doesn’t feel like answering you, he’ll just hum and block you out. Which is super annoying. And he also finds it really hard to say sorry. If he does something wrong, he refuses to say sorry. It’s bad enough that that happens at home, but he also does it to other people which gets worrying because it’s really rude.

Tonight it happened and he ignored Dean when Dean called him repeatedly in the car. Dean asked, “Can you hear Daddy?” and Daniel just ignored him continuing whatever he was doing. When we got home, Dean told all of us to go to sleep since it was late. We all walked into the master bedroom like we normally would but when Daniel came in, Dean told Daniel to sleep in his own room. Since Daniel was naughty tonight, he doesn’t get to sleep with us. Dean talked to Daniel nicely and explained this and Daniel stood against the wall with hands by his side. He looked at Dean with his big sad eyes and said, “But I want sleep here, Daddy.” Dean shook his head and said, “You cannot sleep here tonight because you ignored Daddy just now and didn’t say sorry to Mommy.” (Oh forgot to mention, Daniel hit me jokingly and we’re trying to teach him hitting is bad).

Daniel looked at me and came to me, “I’m sorry, Mommy. I’m sorry.” I hugged him, my heart broken looking at him so sad with tears in his eyes. He hugged me back and kissed my cheek.

“Ok, come Daniel. Daddy will take you to your room,” Dean said, all calm but firm. I know it’s killing him inside too but he has to be a father.

“Please Daddy I want sleep here,” Daniel’s voice all shaken and in tears.

“No, I want to teach you a lesson. You will remember this; if you don’t listen to Daddy and Mommy, you don’t get to be with us. Come, I’ll take you to your room now.”

“No, please… I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“I know, Daniel. But I still have to teach you this lesson.”

Daniel looked at me and I looked away because I could feel my tears forming. Oh gosh my heart aches. I get what Dean was trying to do and we have to discipline our children or else they will become spoiled brats who get away with everything, but mannnnn it breaks your heart!!

He walked with his dad to his room, head down obviously learned his lesson. And didn’t say a word but I could tell he was scared. I followed them and when Dean closed the door, he told me not to come in. Dang it. He knew too well I would hug and kiss Daniel and tell him Mommy loves him bla bla.

So I’m now sitting outside writing this, tears in my eyes. I feel like my heart is broken into pieces when I remember how Daniel looked at me just now, wanting me to help but I didn’t. I’m literally on the floor outside of his door, listening to Dean calmly telling Daniel why he’s doing this, that it was not nice to ignore people and not say sorry when you do something wrong. I appreciated Dean actually telling Daniel why he’s being punished instead of leaving Daniel clueless and feeling confused. Hopefully Daniel will learn from this. But let’s be real, this is going to be the first of many punishments. Boys will be boys and I know I’ll be facing a lot more of this, especially when he’s older.

But for now, I just want to hug and kiss him and tell him Mommy loves him. I feel like taking my pillow and sleeping on the floor in his room just to be there with him (I probably will end up doing that tonight). By the way, when I got out of the shower later that night, I caught Dean looking at a photo of him carrying a laughing Daniel. #nakactmachokonon


Being a parent is hard.


Mommy’s little boy.

being a mom

mariam’s first steps

If you’re following my Instagram, you would know that….

I cook all the time now… *blows nails*

But no… not always about me…

…well, not this time anyway…

You would know that…


*throws confetti everywhere weeeee weeeeeee weeeeee!*

*picks confetti up one by one after I realise she’s going to tear the house down now that she can walk*

Her first steps that she took from point A to point B without falling off were in the playground. Was a week after her first birthday. She was so excited seeing other kids play that she started walking out of nowhere! Peer pressure maybe? It was so cute. But you know the sad part? Dean and I had to watch it from our phones because it happened when she was with her nannies. Dean and I were at work and we missed Mariam’s first steps.


But it’s ok. I made peace with it after I realise it’s not like she’s not going to walk again. And I gotta thank Kak Siti for capturing the moment from her latest-model-smartphone (I pay her too much, I think) because at least she thought to share it with Dean and I.


As for me, I can always create my own “first” with her. And that’s exactly what I did.

We took so many videos of her walking and sent them all to our families and the whole village until they got annoyed. #kauingatanakkausorangkebolehjalan #stopsendingusphotos

20160222_205918 20160226_124441 20160302_093111 20160311_193914

20160317_091347 20160311_194406 20160312_085605 20160314_095940 20160314_201920

Oh, the proud look on both our faces when Mariam walked to us. And now, when we come home from work, she will get up and walk like a penguin to greet us at the door with a hugeeee smile. Daniel does that too but we’re like uh-huh yeah whatever child, get out of Mariam’s way. HAHAHAH KIDDING. *half kidding*

Ahhh Mariam, where did all the time go?!


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naming and shaming

Ever had that time in your life when you were so angry at one person that you were tempted to tell the world about it on your insta/blog? Well, don’t do it.

I don’t tell you a lot of the negative things that happen in my life, but one of it; last year, I was betrayed big time by someone close to me. I never saw it coming and when I found out, I was shaking because I couldn’t believe it! I never spoke to this person after finding out because there was no point, and I just sent my lawyers to take legal action. It hurt me to do this but I had no choice. Everything is settled now but that’s not the point of my story.

I told my loved ones, naturally, but never did it cross my mind to public shame him/her. I could so easily expose what he/she did but I don’t know why I never wanted to. I had so much work to do that I basically just moved on from this, and didn’t dwell on it. I also never felt hate towards him/her which is so weird. I forgave of course, I always do. But the only difference was that I didn’t want to be friends anymore and I didn’t see the point of communicating as normal any longer.

But you can sense genuine sincerity in how the guilty person acts. There are a lot of people who wronged me and some say sorry, some don’t. It’s fine because we should never expect those things from people. Whether or not people are sorry doesn’t change your life. But this person in particular was relentless. He/she would message me once in a while, give me updates, wish me on my birthday, congratulate me when I gave birth, he/she never forgot a big event in my life. My replies were brief, just a Thank you usually. But that never deterred him/her from trying. One day, I received a long message from this person, a heartfelt one saying he/she never moved on from the mistake and hates himself/herself for it and needed my forgiveness. That message melted me to the ground because even after a year plus of me being cold, this person showed remorse. Genuine remorse. A lot of people, including me, make mistakes and we say sorry once or twice, if the person ignores us, our egos are usually quite big and we will go ok fine la. But this person, I admired. I told him/her that I have always forgiven even from Day 1 and I could never hate him/her. Recently I saw this person, and tears formed in his/her eyes the minute he/she saw me. We made peace and talked and laughed like old times, leaving all bad memories behind. That sparked my interest in writing this blog post.

The point of my story is that in life, sometimes you are given the upper hand and you could potentially expose someone’s mistake.. never take that route. No matter how angry you are, control it and always just talk to your loved ones instead of lashing out on Facebook/Instagram. I feel so sad when I see people venting on their social media, complaining about this and that, even naming and shaming specific individuals, because goshhh they’re human beings too. It may seem like a good idea at the time because you’re so angry, but hey, take a deep breath and think how you could ruin this person’s life. Everyone makes mistakes, and never think that we are morally above them. The fact that we expose and shame people just shows we aren’t. We never know if we are in their shoes, we might do the same or even worse. If people wrong you, forgive even when there’s no apology. Soften your heart to always forgive your fellow beings, because God will reward you abundantly in ways you can’t even imagine.

Just a random thought I had and thought I’d share.