choose to be happy

January 3, 2017 • 6,341 views • 9 comments •  shares

Long weekends are amazing. I didn’t say that 3 years ago when it was just Dean and I, but now it’s simply amazing the extra time I get with the kids and how I cherish that so much.

We took them out as usual and this time they got tricycles! Well, actually we just wanted to buy for Mariam, but Daniel just won’t stop whining and pushing Mariam off. So….

At this moment, I thank God we don’t have 6 kids. Haha.

How did my life get so blessed? Sigh.

But really, guys, I’ve learned that life is what you make of it. If you’re a grateful person, the biggest or the smallest things in life will make you feel content. Don’t wait for others to love you, instead love them first without expecting anything back. Don’t compare yourself to others, instead work with what you have and build happiness in that. Don’t be jealous of others, instead be happy for that fellow sister/brother. Be at peace within you, love your family, think good of others, and life will suddenly be so beautiful.


i’ve created a monster

January 2, 2017 • 3,914 views • 48 comments •  shares

Woohoo 2nd blogpost in 2 days! I’m staying true to my resolution to blog more! 

So you guys know I’m obsessed with clothes and handbags and shoes… I’m just like any girl, really… plus a few more tops and pants and shoes… I always tell Dean “You knew what you were marrying,” whenever he complains hehe.

Anyway, just recently I’ve developed a new love for make-up! As you read from my previous post, I want to groom myself better. I always believe a woman needs to take care of her appearance, and not look selekeh. There’s just no excuse! It’s just whether you’re rajin or not.


how we celebrated the new year

January 1, 2017 • 4,814 views • 11 comments •  shares

Hellowwwww 2017!

How was everyone’s new year celebration yesterday? This was ours:

Hehe. Dean and I were going to go down to see the fireworks, there’s a little corner in the courtyard that can see the fireworks clearly. Last year, we stayed up with Daniel and he watched them for the first time. This year, both kids couldn’t be bothered. Haha. So Dean and I waited till a little before midnight, then we heard a bunch of noise from there. “Oh no, there are so many people there, all look like young kids,” I looked from the balcony.


disneyland with the kids

December 28, 2016 • 5,028 views • 18 comments •  shares

So Dean and I held hands, faced each other, took a deep breath…. and said “See you on the other side.” We did what every parent has to do at least once in their life, but in total fear.

We picked up the bags, pushed the strollers, and looked for that sign that says… “PARENTS, ARE YOU SURE??? IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO CANCEL.”

Kids call it Disneyland.

Oh the train ride to Disneyland Paris. Daniel was well-behaved, cried once because Mariam wouldn’t share her chips with him. But Mariam, oh Mariam… she puked because she ran around so much before we got on the train, and on the train, she kept looking back at the seats behind us. There was a little girl and Mariam kept pointing to her saying “Baby, baby, bay-beeeeeeee!”. Shhhh Mariam, she’s so much bigger than you, it’s like Mommy pointing at a supermodel and saying “Short, shortttt.” Pot calling kettle situation here… the entireeeee train ride. Thank God British people are so nice they even layan-ed Mariam and called her beautiful… even with chocolate smeared all over her hands and top. God bless kind people.


she’s going to uni soon

December 19, 2016 • 7,825 views • 28 comments •  shares

We were driving back home from a wedding when suddenly Dean says out of nowhere…

“You know she’s going to uni soon right?”

Umm.. there I was not knowing what he’s talking about. Did he say something before this?? Dang it Vivy this is why you should pay attention when your husband talks! Now he’s going to know you weren’t listening.

“Umm… who’s going to uni soon?” I asked carefully.

“Mariam. She’s going to uni soon.”

Mariam, my not-even-2-year old daughter? The one who’s at home eating spaghetti with a spoon? The one who shoves her face into ice cream?