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Remember my first pregnancy, Dean kept poking my bellybutton and going “What does this button do?” and would laugh so much like it’s so funny. Well, nothing’s changed with this pregnancy. My belly button is now showing (which I’m not happy about!) and when we’re in the lift together, he’d go “Which floor will this button take us?”. Poke. Laugh uncontrollably.


So insensitive I should let the lift doors hit him on the way out.

The third trimester symptoms are kicking in. You know, peeing countless times a night, sleeping difficulties, heartburn, looking more and more like a whale… and this scorching Malaysian weather really isn’t helping. Underneath my long-sleeved top, my scarf inner, my scarf, and Daniel clinging on to my neck all the time, I seriously get pissed off when the aircond isn’t on full blast. I’m a moody blob you wouldn’t want to be near, really.

But Dean doesn’t have a choice, does he? He did this to me, anyway.

So yesterday he jokingly said, “Whoa, had a big lunch?” pointing to my baby bump.

“That’s it, I’m teaching you a lesson!” I exclaimed to him.

So I went to the supermarket today.

And bought a pomelo.






I congratulated him on the pregnancy and told him he looked radiant. He said thank you.

“You’re going to sleep with this pomelo so that you know how uncomfortable it is for me to sleep.”

“What?! No way, that’s ridiculous.”

“Excuse me… I don’t have a choice ok. I can’t go Oh I feel uncomfortable, let me pause this pregnancy and put it back in tomorrow morning. So you can’t pick and choose either.”


It’s only been 10 minutes and he’s sighed twice while adjusting his pomelo.

Teeheeeeee… this is going to be the best night of my life.

I should’ve bought a bigger pomelo.

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love is in the air


Love was definitely in the air today.

I was lucky enough to witness two wonderful ladies in my life get married and it was awesome to be part of their special days today. I even watched my first Christian wedding walk-down-the-aisle-exchange-vows-and-say-I-do today and it was sooooo beautiful. I’ve only seen these in movies so to be there in real life was surreal. When they read their vows out loud, all of us were just wiping tears off our cheeks. Though exchanging vows is not the Muslim culture, it was still beautiful to listen to Kim and Jason pour out their feelings to each other and make promises to love one another till death do they part. And then at night, Sara and Jason (also!) gave their own speeches that made me shed tears too. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BEING EMO AROUND PREGNANT WOMEN. Make-up was such a waste today. *mascara running down my cheeks*

Dean and I were among the firsts in our circles to get hitched, so it’s really nice to see that slowly but surely, one by one, our friends are getting off the market too. Whenever they ask for marriage advice from us, we just shrug and go YOLO. Hehe. Really, I have no idea what makes a successful marriage, but I am so so blessed that Dean and I are always very much in love. At the two weddings today, Dean kept kissing my head and I kept snuggling up to him, much to our friends’ disgust. Hehe. I guess both of us just felt the love in the air and remembered moments of our own wedding. Weddings are beautiful because they not only celebrate the newlyweds, but also serve as reminders to the other married couples there too. As we were being told of what’s important in a marriage, to honor and respect each other, to get closer to God together, to be loyal to one another, it just reminded me to never take my wonderful husband for granted. I pray that my friends go through the same thing with their partners, if not better! Congratulations to all newlyweds and may God always bless you with love and happiness.

star avenue lifestyle mall

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What’s fun about my job is that I get to always chat with the brand owners stocked on FashionValet. From there, I get an insight of their highs and lows and we always work together to help elevate their brand name, online and offline.

And even in this tech era where e-commerce is booming, you still can’t ignore the power of physical presence. When you have a brand, people still ask you “Kedai kat mana?”. And you go “Beli online je.” And they go, “Ala, tapi makcik tak tau macam mana nak beli online.” Hehe. *insert my mom and mil as those makciks*

I really think to elevate brand image and credibility, you still need to have a physical store as well as online presence. If you have both, it’d be awesome for your brand. And I keep thinking about this when I think about dUCk. Do we need to open a store? Where? How much will it cost? What if no one comes? Etc etc.

So location is always key.

I came across this new project by Mah Sing Group Berhad and whether or not I take a lot or two, I thought I’d share with you in case this is something you might be interested in and the location is your target market.


The Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall.

The first lifestyle shopping mall with one-stop shopping, dining and entertainment, located along Jln Sungai Buloh.


The daily traffic that passed by is more than 300,000 and there is an upcoming HELP campus with an estimated 13,000 students so this mall is a very promising one, in terms of traffic. There is even an upcoming development of a whopping 3,300 acres of RRIM.

Public transport wise, Star Avenue is located 2 minutes away from a proposed MRT station. So you can imagine that this will be the mall that people will meet for meetings, meals and gatherings or simply to do their shopping!

 StarAvenueFacadeAerial(NEW)F - Copy

If you’re a retailer or a potential one, you might want to consider this one as Star Avenue is open for lease. If interested, call 012-5049827 / 013-3646273 or visit their website at No harm checking it out before every lot gets leased out!

Good luck with your businesses!

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second pregnancy syndrome

Nothing fits, guys!

*cries a river*

I’m in my third trimester now and I’m struggling to dress every morning. Dean agrees that my baby bump is bigger this time round and I’ve been religiously slapping oil on my tummy chanting “No stretch mark please, no stretch mark please, no stretch mark, pleaseeee”. The moment I see one stretch mark coming, I am going to scream until the next block can hear me. If you guys hear a loud scream next week, don’t worry just go back to sleep. The second stretch mark arrived, no biggie.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

This pregnancy, Alhamdulillah, has been a breeze. I don’t really get any bad or major pain or nausea, and I’m still my cheerful self. I guess with Daniel, it was all new to me and the slightest difference in my body or feelings I can notice. But now… in between running around Daniel a lot (he is sooooo clingy, maybe he can sense competition coming) and office expansion and handling dUCk, I seriously have my time filled I even forget to take Week by Week bump picture like how I used to with Daniel. Poor Baby M. Second child syndrome already!

Is it like that for you guys too? Do you guys feel guilty? Cos I know I do!

being a mom headscarves


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It’s finally here!!!!

Remember I blogged about the dUCk x P&G collaboration? The one about celebrating all moms out there? Oh come on… remember the video of the crying babies?! Sheeeshhhh, that you remember! Hehe.

Here the video is again to refresh your memory. Love how this video perfectly shows what moms go through. Whether or not you’re painting your nails, moisturizing your face, reading a book…when your baby needs you, you literally STOP and put your needs aside. Mothers are such selfless beings.

So P&G has packed and received all the scarves, and distributed them to all of the participating partners. So now you can just collect your FREE dUCk scarf from them! All you have to do is purchase RM 40 worth of Pantene or Head & Shoulders (or both) products from either Watson’s or Tesco. So I reallyyyy hope I hit the right timing with you when your shampoo is almost finishing. Hehe.

At the counter, tell the cashier you want to redeem your dUCk.

We wanted to design something simple so that all moms can wear them, whether or not they’re simple or fancy in nature. So we thought a simple colourblocking design will do. With budget and time constraint, we had to keep things simple, but we wanted something extra special for this limited edition collection; hence, the gold dUCk charm! First of its kind. Style it any way you want, and make sure you share your pics by hashtagging #staybeautiful and #duckscarves.

I know this dUCk is not the same as the normal dUCks you have or have not (why not?!!) purchased. But this special gift is just a little gesture from all of us at dUCk to remind moms that you guys are superwomen and that we appreciate all that you do! A lot of times, moms put their children’s financial needs before theirs so they might pass on a nice top they’ve been eyeing or a dUCk basic they’ve been wanting. So this is for you! And hope that you will like the special message I wrote with D in the box.

Much love from dUCk, P&G and I!

Oh, and there’s also an instagram contest where you can win our Premium Jersey dUCks worth RM 120 each!


All you need is a picture of you and a mom!

Here are the mechanics:

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 9.49.54 AM

More info here:


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fv basics tomorrow

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Wearing top from Indonesian brand Shopatvelvet, men’s watch from Daniel Wellington, scarf from dUCk, pants from FV BASICS, all from FashionValet. Shoes from Chanel, bag from Moschino.

I know… I judge me too. I mean, a McDonald’s Fries sling bag, I wouldn’t have thought in a million years I’d succumb to such cutesy things. Just the other day, I caught myself lusting over the Anya Hindmarch Kellogg’s clutch that I could easily just buy from Cold Storage and poke holes to attach a long chain. It’s the baby, guys!! Baby M is making me do crazy things. I told you I drink spinach juice now right? WHO AM I?!!!!!!

I had a nice Sunday with Dean just chilling and having churros together. He was in shorts so I thought fine, I’ll be casual too. Sweater, espadrilles (btw we launched a really cool espadrilles brand on FV today, click here to see!), lazy pants. Done!

I want to highlight a bit on these pants because they’re from FV BASICS latest collection launching tomorrow. With FV BASICS, we wanted to offer customers basic wear that are all must-haves as the building blocks of every wardrobe. So, don’t miss out.

1 6 7 11 13 15 17

FVBasics3 hype3


Have fun shopping tomorrow as we are also giving a week-long promotion of 20% off WHOLE CART if you have one or more FV BASICS item in your cart. The coupon code will be revealed in our newsletter tomorrow so click here if you haven’t already signed up to FashionValet.

loved ones

homework time

My previously-little-now-not-so-little nephew is now 8 and though he is still our precious sweetheart being the first grandchild and all, he is getting more playful! With this era of iPads and iPhones and iDon’twanttodohomework, it’s getting harder and harder for parents to keep their children focused. Homework time feels like the longest time in the world, and they’re just looking forward to Game time. Who can blame them, even I look forward to Game time. Haha.

After getting a good scolding from my sister, my nephew is behaving a bit more now and I came back seeing him do his homework quietly on the table. I should’ve taken a photo of that! But I was just too shocked. Haha.

“Heyyyy, whatcha doing, baby?” I came to him kissing his head.

“I’m doing homework, Maksu. Oh no wait, actually I finished my homework. This is just an exercise book that Mommy bought me so I could do extra work.”

“Wow, so you’re doing extra work? That’s amazing!”

“Yeah I know. I am a good boy,” he said proudly as he circled B on the selection of answers.

I sat with him, just watching him adoringly and smilingly. Sigh, when did my little nephew get so big? In 4 years, he’s going to high school! And I still remember him as a baby crawling around the house with drool everywhere. As I reminisce quietly thinking of memories of him as a baby, I notice something funny as he did his work.

He somehow got every question right, and that looked fishy. I also noticed he came across some Malay words that I just know he wouldn’t have understood. I mean please, no one in the house uses the word memudaratkan badan in our daily conversation.

“Wait a minute… did you look at the answers at the back?!” I asked him.

“Huh? What do you mean, Maksu?” he said, eyes not meeting mine.

“You got every question right. How do you know all of the answers?”

“Well ok ok, I only looked for the ones I don’t understand. But not for all! For this whole page, I didn’t!” he panicked and I wanted to laugh. I guess I shouldn’t tell him that I always looked at the answers at the back as a student. I mean, duh, they’re right there. It would be silly not to. Haha. But I was in Maksu mode so I had to be stern.

“That’s almost cheating! You can’t look at the answers. If you don’t understand something, what does Mommy always ask you to do?”

“She says to ask….”

“Exactly! Ask! Don’t just ignore the things you don’t understand.”

“Ok ok sorry Maksu. I won’t look at the answers. I will ask if I don’t know.”

“Now, if Mommy knew you cheated, you know she will be mad right?” I looked at him sternly.

“Yeah, she will…”

“So what do we do now?” I asked him.

“We don’t tell her about this,” he said as a matter of fact.


Soooo sooo cheeky, my little nephew.

It was like talking to a version of myself because that would have been something I would’ve said. Haha.

But man… raising teenagers is going to be so much fun. *gulp*