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preparing daniel for baby m

Nearer to labor, I’m spending a lot of time with Daniel on top of preparing for Baby M’s arrival. We include him in everything, from the buying of clothes to the trips to the doctor for scans and all. I’m not sure if he gets it enough to actually understand, but we’re doing it anyway just in case it does help him adjust to a new family member soon.

Daniel absolutely loves Mickey Mouse so for Baby M, we bought some Mickey clothes (soooo ugly guys, I can’t even…) so that he can relate to the baby later. And hopefully not want to step on her (yep, Baby M is a girl hehe, I announced it on instagram last weekend).

Some people advised us to carry a doll around like a baby so he gets used to the idea of me and Dean carrying another “person”. Good idea, but I can’t bring myself to walk around burping a freaky doll. So we’re still KIV-ing that idea for later.

I’ve been sleeping on the floor because I can’t seem to be comfortable anywhere else. Bed no, sofa no, I just need a hard surface for some reason. So anyway, the other night I had the most beautiful moment with Daniel. I thought I was dreaming of him, when suddenly I woke up and found him looking for me going “Mi? Mi?”. Maybe he woke up from a bad dream, but he seemed like in a hurry to come to me. And he fell in my arms, let out a soft sigh and snuggled up. We both soon fell asleep hugging each other on the floor till the morning came.I forgot all about my backache and Baby M (who moves like crazy in my uterus) even seemed to respect that moment between Daniel and I that she did not interrupt us at all.

I know that I will love and adore Baby M just as much but before her arrival very soon, I’m going to focus on Daniel. I just want to make sure he knows I love him very much and not feel like I love him less after Baby M comes.


This morning.

Sigh, firstborns…. they really do steal your hearts huh?

sweet deals

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My latest fav app right now!

 The Samsung GALAXY Life app.

 Launched in Feb 2014, they already have 2.1 million members! And I’m one of them. *raise hand proudly*

 And why wouldn’t you join me?! I already took advantage of the Haagen Dazs promo and the Buy 1 Free 1 from Starbucks promo.


One for me and one for Baby M!

The deals on the app are pretty sweet! Like on 20 Nov 2014, users were rewarded with a FREE Kenny Rogers Roaster’s ¼ Chicken + Muffin meal – that’s crazy!

Unlike other deal apps out there, I think this one is the coolest because they really pick and choose their partners, seems like they really curate the cool brands; Pizza Hut, Crazy Potato, Baskin Robbins, 7-Eleven and many many more (including FashionValet too, ahem!!).

Two of the big events they participated in:

1)   Starlight Cinema (June 2014) – GALAXY Life organized a huge cinema event and users got to watch Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters like Fast & Furious 6, Man of Steel etc. And GALAXY Life partners also participated in the event like Pizza Hut and Gong Cha.

2)   KL Lake Gardens Festival (August 2014) – A fun-filled event jointly presented with Universal Music Malaysia and Mojo Live. GALAXY Life users were rewarded throughout this 3-day event such as free concert tics, food, hot air balloon rides, Flying Fox and Low Rope.

Watch this video.

Can’t wait to see what more GALAXY Life comes up with via their app.

Samsung GALAXY Life is a program specially crafted by Samsung to reward Galaxy users – therefore it is exclusive to users who own a Galaxy phone (like me!). To me this initiative of rewarding back to their customer is very heart-warming and I like it.

One that I know is coming up is their partnership with Easy Taxi. They’re giving away 3 FREE TAXI RIDES worth up to RM 20 per ride. Valid till 31 Jan 2015 so hurry if you’re always riding the taxi!

I can’t keep feeding you with their awesome deals (would love to… but you know, I have work, husband, Daniel, gonna give birth anytime kind of thing also…) so you need to download this app for yourself!

Go to Play Store and search for Samsung Galaxy Life. Click Install. It’s free!

UntitledIf you’re still not convinced, find out more info here or their Facebook page or follow hashtag #mygalaxylife.

Brought to you by Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

the three hobbies

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Dean told me he read this one article on hobbies and how each of us need to have 3 kinds of hobbies for a happy life;

1)   A hobby that makes you money

2)   A hobby that keeps you fit and healthy

3)   A hobby that keeps you creative

So for number 1 I have my job which I love. Number 2’s just boring yeah exercise whatnot… will get to it after confinement, promise.

But Number 3 I definitely have. Lately I’ve been so inspired by international bloggers who do nice flatlays on Instagram and I’ve been trying to do my own flatlays. (A flatlay is a picture of things taken from aerial view… how do you not know this?)

 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Flatlays look easy but it involves a lot of arranging, bending down and knowing what to put in your picture so everything looks coherent. And also, good lighting! I get so annoyed after sunset when there’s no more natural lighting to take good flatlays. Haha. Obsessed much?

Anyway, it’s getting harder to do my flatlays now since Baby M is so huge and bending down is proving to be more painful by the day! (Good flatlays mean standing on a chair and bending down and risking your life, really…). But I couldn’t resist doing one today.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

How cute are these lipbalms! I got a few flavours just to try out (they have loads of fruity ones). I love the unique packaging and how it’s small enough to fit in your handbag but big enough that you can just rummage through your bag and grab it easily.

They smell fantastic and each ChuLip lipbalms are formulated with a blend of delicious recipes and enhanced with moisturizing ingredients like olive oil, macadamia nut oil and rose hip oil.

So now pucker up and Chu.

Chu means Kiss in Japanese.

You learn so much from this blog, seriously. Sigh.

fashion and shopping my handbag series working girl

the sofina 3

photo 4a

Peek-a-boo! Is that a new Sofina you see?

Why, yes it is!

I have always been a bit choosy with collaborations, but one that I’m so so glad I did was the Sofina bag collaboration with Sometime. I only did it because (1) being their stockist, I am impressed by their quality control and meticulousness in perfection, so I know the products from their factory will be good which is amazing and yet still affordable for all (RM179 for a long lasting bag?!), (2) I respect the people behind Sometime, such a hard-working bunch and (3) they sold me the story of how we should create a versatile bag that every woman would want.

So Sofina 1 was born and sold out within the first hour. Sofina 2 was born and sold out within the first hour. Sofina 2.1 was born and sold out within the first hour which prompted us to do a pre-order to see what is the actual maximum number of Sofina bags that can be sold. Both FashionValet and Sometime were just amazed at the result and we felt sooooo thankful that women out there loved this bag as much as I did!


Sofina 3 was a 50/50 chance because I thought this was enough. But I felt that the Sofina 2.1 could be improved and I itched to make some changes to it. I wanted it to be slightly more structured than the Sofina 2.1. And I wanted a sturdier zipper so Sometime sourced for better zippers that even big international designer brands use! (I’m so pleased with the new zipper). And I wanted even better quality material. We improved the studs as well for a more expensive one, and as usual the studded strap is detachable for non-stud-lovers.

So…. I am proud to announce that the Sofina 3 is coming out in six colours… this WEDNESDAY 28 JAN on FashionValet!

We had a shoot recently for this release and I’m happy to share some BTS with you:

1a 2 3 3b 4 5 6 7 8 9 9a 9b 9c 9d 9e 9f 9g

Wearing inner and scarf from dUCk and Bianca cape blazer from Samantha Sherina by Thian, both from FashionValet.

Make up by Teyn.

I hope you will like the release on Wednesday!!! I’m super excited to see the Sofina 3 on the website soon.

Oh, and if you’re lucky, you might get ALL SIX…. FOR FREE.

Here’s how:

sofina fbig 1

being a mom lifestyle

a good son

So we had dinner at Shook! tonight and guess who walked past?


Dean and I adore him and after going to his concert, we would marry him. Not only does he have amazing talent, but he’s also such an awesome entertainer. I originally wanted him to sing at our wedding but my dad told me to fly kite.

Anyway, we were trying to act cool and whatnot, pretending not to care that we were breathing the same air… you know, whatever. But Daniel was just plain rude.

He looked like this.

photo 1

Sit up straight, dude! My goodness, how can you be more interested in your fries?!

Anyway, I realised since I gave birth to Daniel, I could actually use him as I please. How cool would it be if Daniel walks to their table, and a few seconds later, his mom (with freshly applied lipstick) comes to get him and goes “Oh my goodness, I’m soooo sorry my son disturbed your dinner.” And Michael would say “Oh no, it’s ok! Come let’s take a photo.” And we would have a family portrait; me, Michael, Daniel and Dean (if he must be included).

So I kept telling Daniel to go walk around. He was more interested in his dinner, but after we stopped giving him food, I think he got the hint.

photo 5

Good boy, Daniel.

Now turn left. Turn left!

being pregnant

latest craving – ice cubes


Lunch, anyone?

The other night, I couldn’t sleep so I went to the fridge to see what Baby M (or me) would like to chomp on as a midnight snack. Baby M (or me, I can’t tell anymore) reached for a tray of ice cubes in my freezer. Out of all the delicious food we had, the tray of ice cubes seemed to emit the most beautiful kind of shine that attracted us instantly.

10 minutes later, you would have found me sitting on the sofa in front of the TV. One hand holding the TV remote and the other hand feeding ice cubes into my mouth.

Even now as I write this, I have a small bowl of crushed ice cubes next to me. Absolutely delicious-looking to me. And when we go to restaurants I ask for a glass of ice. “Iced water, Miss?”… No dude, ice cubes. I want ice cubes. Going out with my friends, I wait for them to finish slurping their drinks. When it’s just those glistening ice cubes left, I shamelessly interrupt, ignoring what they were saying. “Hey, you still want those ice cubes?” 

It’s crazy! I wanted iced drinks when I was pregnant with Daniel too, but never raw ice cubes!

So you know the drill. To find out if you’re normal or completely bonkers, you Google it. Typed “Ice cubes and pregnant”, and half a million search results appeared. Phew, I still have my marbles then. Either that, or half a million pregnant women have lost it.

Crunch, crunch, crunch. 

loved ones my opah

old photo

I was going through some old photos to clear and delete, and I came across this.

Kuala Lumpur-20120405-0208 copy

Oh, Opah!

*cries a river*

Missing both my grandmas tremendously, only God knows how they impacted my life in only positive ways teaching me respect, gratitude and love all at the same time. Funny how life works in a cycle because now I see my mom and mil treating Daniel the same way as my grandmas treated me.

We can go about our lives chasing all sorts of goals and aims, but always take a moment to remember those who have left us. And pray for them. May Allah grant them peace, forgiveness, mercy and the ultimate Jannah.