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Me at the Apple store recently:


*zooms straight to the display*

Dean was more careful, asking the guy about the laptop.


What the guy said: It has a very slow processor.

What I heard: This laptop is very good, it will teach you patience.


What the guy said: This laptop is not good if you want to use heavy applications.

What I heard: Awww such a simple laptop.


What the guy said: It will be very slow if you load several apps at the same time.

What I heard: It wants you to focus when you do your work.


What the guy said: You shouldn’t download Adobe Photoshop because it will be slow.

What I heard: Sokay, VSCOCAM is my new best friend anyway.


What the guy said: The laptop is good for simple use only.

What I heard: I’m a simple use kind of girl.


Dean turned to me looking slightly disappointed with the honest review the guy gave. Bless him for being honest! Dean asked me, “So do you still want it?”


How women shop.

Today I’m writing this first blogpost on Goldilocks (that’s her name, guys). And I hate to admit it, but dang it this laptop is freaking slow. My blog backend is still loading from 10 minutes ago so I’m literally writing this post on Microsoft Word and copying and pasting it to my blog later when it loads. If you are reading this, maybe 2 days have passed since I wrote this.

I must have been looking stressed because Dean looked at me and laughed.

“Slow, huh?” he asked condescendingly. Rude.

“Shut up.”

“Oh, but it’s GOLD!” Dean pointed out, laughing.

Whatever… look how prettyyyyy.

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featherly fyza

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This Raya at FV, we decided to collaborate with icons from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia for our customers worldwide. But unlike last year where we went for mainstream celebrities, we chose independent influencers instead for something a bit different. For Malaysia, we worked with the lovely hijab sweetheart Mira Filzah for a printed collection and another with style icon Fyza Kadir, a super hot bombshell. For Singapore, we collaborated with hijab icon Malaque Mahdaly, wife of singer Sleeq. And for Indonesia, we worked with Diana Rikasari, a long time fashion blogger known for her quirky style.

What I loved about all their collections is the versatility. You can mix and match with your current staples to have a daily look even to go to work! And for the events like weddings and Raya you can wear them as a set.

For this one, I chose a top from Fyza Kadir’s featherly Raya collection. The moment we showed this to the FV team, they were like ooohhh this top is so Coachella, it’s so cool! I obviously had to google Coachella since I realise I’m not that cool. Bahahaha. Anyway, I love how the feathers swing as you walk and I especially love how nobody else in Malaysia has a Raya collection using feathers except our Fyza Kadir for FashionValet one! Super cool.

Too many things are happening at FV now I don’t even know where to start. We have a huge Raya campaign going on (you might have heard our ads online or radio, or seen our billboards) and biggest of all, we’re opening our first pop-up store in Bangsar Village mall this weekend!! Come ok? As for dUCk, I can’t keep up with the new product ranges and we’re also starting a stationery line very soon! We have a month long booth in BSC, Bangsar so please do drop by. Gahhhh, so basically, just be online… or in Bangsar. That’s all ok? Haha.

Wearing Golden Honey peachskin scarf from dUCk, top (in bright orange or a gorgeous pink) from a set from Fyza Kadir for FV, both from FashionValet

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big scary donut

Are you the type that would layan your sickness? Like if you have a flu, you’d want to stay in bed all day etc. I can’t, I just can’t. Even confinement I was itching to break the system and go out. The thought of resting when it’s really not anything bad/serious, while your colleagues are in the office working hard… it just seems wrong. I just can’t sit still thinking about what I could contribute to the company instead of just resting at home (which I find makes me even sicker, btw).

But these past few days I have been having really bad headaches. I’ve never had them before and I realise headaches aren’t something you can shake off. Like it actually hurts when you walk or sneeze or cough, and whatever people say to you, you just want them to shut up because them talking hurts your head. It was so bad that I finally agreed to go to the doctor after 2 days of non-stop headaches.

My hair is also falling a lot (normal post-pregnancy but I’m just being a drama queen) so I thought of the worst things already.

Omg please don’t let this be the C word… please don’t let me have the C word, dear God, I was praying so hard in my prayers.

But I was thinking of the worst things already and I couldn’t help it.

Omg I have it, don’t I? What else could it be? It’s because I don’t lead a healthy lifestyle… Omg I need to sit down to process all this… 

And this made my headache stronger.

Dean took me to the doctor and while waiting for so long in the clinic, I was silently panicking inside. It’s like you’re waiting for your fate you know? It’s really scary! Dean was going “Will you relaxxxx! Women like to worry too much!” and thinking I was overreacting to it all.

What seemed like years later, we were finally in the doctor’s room. He asked me some routine questions and while he was talking, I blurted out without any self-control or shame.


The doctor almost chuckled at my panic reaction.

“It’s highly unlikely. Headaches are actually the last symptoms in a brain cancer.”


Even though the doctor was sure it wasn’t the C word, I wanted to be sure and asked for a scan.


Going through that big donut, I just closed my eyes and zikir the whole time. Daniel and Mariam came to my vision and seeing them smile in my thoughts made me feel like crying. I want to watch them grow up, I thought by myself.

Waiting back at the doctor’s clinic for the results of the scan was even scarier. What if they find a tumor? What if I’m right and not just paranoid? What if this, what if that… all sorts of thoughts went through my head.

I came in and the doctor smiled at me. “As I suspected, you are just having a normal headache. You have tension headaches, which is due to stress or overworking. And you need to rest.”

But all I heard was, “You are still being given a chance to live, so you better not screw your health up.”

Dean hugged me after all that and snorted, “Typical women! Got headache a bit, think they’re going to die.”

I laughed at his true statement.

But only God knows how relieved I was. I felt like this was a warning to me to have some down time too and not just stress about work all the time. I am starting to relax at home when it’s family time, I hired a personal trainer to start training again (well, Ramadhan I’m taking a break…), I’m going to start juicing and now gadgets are off limits in the bedroom when I sleep.

Even though it was nothing (just me putting scary thoughts in my head), I take it as a serious lesson that health is so so important. Without it, we can’t enjoy life the way we do now. And once it’s taken from us, only then we will realise how valuable it is. Of course, it’s all up to God (even the healthiest people I know still get sick), but we can make the effort too.

To a healthier lifestyle, everybody!

timeless elegance

So whenever Dean walks past me in the house, I’d play this video for fun. His cheeks would turn red, of course. “Awww you think I’m elegant and you admitted it on cameraaaaa. You soft-hearted husband youuuu.” I’d wink at him.

He would clear his throat and go, “Sometimes… I forgot to add ‘sometimes’ in my interview answer.”

I’d go to him, “Sureeeee.”

Jokes and teases aside, I still think my husband is the sweetest ever and the dress he designed for of what he thinks is elegant for me, is one of my most treasured pieces until now. I can also tell he seems really proud of what he did because obviously he never thought he would be designing a dress for me!

So I asked some men what they think timeless elegance is in the woman in their lives, and I came up with 5 tips for us all.

1)   You have to FEEL like a lady

I think when it’s already in you that you want to act like a lady, everything starts to flow. You talk more gently, you dress more elegantly, you walk with more poise, you don’t talk with your mouth full of food etc etc. You have to feel elegant on the inside, and I think that’s already a step closer for the elegance to show on the outside.

2)   Speak kindly

Everyone I asked thought the same; elegance is not just in appearance but also a way of life. It’s from what you wear, yes, to the way you carry yourself and also all the way to how you treat others. The kinder you are to people, the more maturity and elegance you seem to portray. I would never expect elegance to be synonymous to vulgar words or bad behavior. I think an elegant and timeless lady only either speaks good words about others, or says nothing if there is nothing good to be said about something.

3)   Watch what you wear

Unfortunately, you can’t run away from the fact that the first thing a person notices about you is what you wear. That’s just life. Fortunately though, we don’t have to be rich to be timelessly elegant. It’s all about cleanliness and neatness. Don’t wear something torn thinking people won’t notice, patch it up first. Don’t wear something stained, clean it up first. Don’t wear faded or overworn shoes, you have to face the fact that shoes have their expiration dates too. Always pay attention to the details because little little things make up an outfit and if there is one detail that spoils it, it spoils the whole first impression. People only remember the bad, unfortunately, so don’t give them anything bad to remember you by.

4)   Don’t try too hard

Yes, always think elegance. But don’t overdo it. Suddenly you walk so tall that your back starts to hurt. Or you walk so softly that you start to annoy your colleagues. Or you speak in a British accent trying to copy the elegant Kate Middleton or something. Just be yourself, but the elegant version of yourself. Not someone else.

5)   Smell nice

At all times. Nothing spoils a girl’s image more than whiffs of foul bodily odour. Sometimes it’s inevitable that we might be sweating buckets throughout the day and only aliens don’t smell after a long day especially in our kind of weather! But there are ways around it like bringing a change of clothes to work, or bringing a deodorant or perfume. Or better yet, use perfume-scented fabric conditioners like Downy Timeless that leave your clothes smelling amazing straight from the wash. Definitely a shortcut to smelling good!

I’ve actually found No (5) to be the most important. Whenever I feel like I’ve been in the hot sun sweating for too long, I get very conscious and uncomfortable. Not only worried that others might be uncomfortable too, but I myself feel not confident and not wanting to be near others. This is a huge barrier to elegance and I’m telling you, half the job is done when you use Downy Timeless (I’m saying this because I use it and I like it).  More than just a fabric conditioner, it has a special scent experience that sticks on your clothes, just like wearing fragrance. You will naturally stand out (in a good way!), without even having to make literally any effort!

As if understanding elegance is key, Downy Timeless is also in the theme of everything white and pure. White to me is a colour of timeless elegance (as opposed to black), not only representing pureness but also softness.


Downy Timeless is now available in all major supermarkets!

Do you have an OOTD of you in an all-white ensemble? Like this?

DSC_9634 copy

Then you have to join the Downy Timeless OOTD contest to stand a chance to win a FREE dress designed by Ashraff Zainal himself.

Find out more details and prizes here –>

being a mom

no longer a baby

I just put Daniel to sleep and feel like crying. Dean is out for the first Ramadhan terawih this year, and I’m home with the kids. So since there’s no Dean to listen to my emotional ramblings, I chose you lucky readers to whine to. Hehe.

But anyway, seriously… tonight I just realised how “adult” Daniel is becoming. I sound crazy, I know, he’s only turning two next month, but I can just feel the difference you know?

Like nowadays, he’s starting to sit and play by himself when we have to attend to Mariam, he would watch Mariam when I say I have to go to the kitchen for a while, he would say “Mommy, quick!” when I am getting ready in the morning (GUESS WHO TAUGHT HIM THAT -__-”), he would get annoyed when you do things for him if he’s concentrating on it, and he would pick his own shoes when he goes out of the house (one time, he chose the totally wrong shoes for his outfit, I cringed but Dean was all we-must-let-him-make-choices. What rubbish.).


He’s no longer a little baby, guys.

And that’s not a waxed moustache, I swear. That’s just sirap stain.

Our Daniel Azim Shah, the boy you read about coming into this world almost 2 years ago… is no longer a little baby. I remember complaining about him drooling, I remember him crying so much as a baby and kept me up all night, I remember blogging about his baby food, all these are way past him.

At almost 2 now, I’m such a proud mom that Daniel is able to pick up so fast. He can speak a little and understand what you are saying, he can eat on his own with his own cutlery, he comes to hug you when he sees you’re in pain, he can recognize numbers, shapes and colours, and his ultimate skill; he knows how to unlock Androids and iPhones, and go into Settings to find his favourite icon; the red icon with the red side triangle. You know which one I’m talking about. I’m not the happiest about his new obsession but hey, you try arguing with him!

Aren’t children such miracles? This little boy came out of me as just a tiny little baby and now he’s growing up like for real for real. He’s really becoming his own character and transitioning from a baby to a toddler. And although he might be ready for this, I don’t know if I am.

*cries a bucket*

Tonight, as I tucked him in, I pulled up the blanket to his chest as usual. I would usually kiss his forehead goodnight after that.

But tonight, he didn’t let me pull up the blanket.

He said three words I will never be ready to hear.

“No, Daniel do!”

Someone please take out this knife that was pierced through my heart? Ok thanks.

*cries another bucket*

*Mariam, you still need me right?*

*someone empty this bucket please. I need to fill it up again with more tears*

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my husband the mayor

Nowadays you will see Dean in a corner furiously typing on his phone, forehead wrinkled and looking very stressed. Aww man, my poor husband, have to work so hard… When I first saw him like that, I would go to the kitchen and make him his favourite drink; hot milo with condensed milk. While I was stirring, I heard him go “Oh man.. How do I get more money… I need more money!”

I looked down at the milo, but my head was already thinking my goshh is work that stressful, is he ok? I stirred faster as my worry level went higher. As I stirred I tried to remember the sales figure for last month for our companies… I thought it was good, I thought we were doing well… but maybe it’s bad to him? We need to work harder, I thought to myself, my right hand still stirring. The milo was spilling on the counter from me stirring too hard. Crap, need tissue to wipe all this. I quickly got the saucer and carefully carried this now lukewarm milo drink to my husband.

“Here you go, baby,” I said softly.

“Thanks, baby,” He answered, not even looking at the drink.

Oh no… is it that bad?! How come I never knew there was a problem?

I should ask him. But I don’t want to stress him out, I thought. No, but I should. We’re in this together. We can fix anything together. I need to help my husband through this.

One hand on his thigh, I softly asked, “Baby, is everything ok? You look very stressed these days. Always on your phone at home, still sitting on this couch in work clothes until late. Sometimes I see you scratching your head….”

He sighed. “Yeah, I’m trying to play this Sim City game, but it keeps getting harder and harder. See?” And he shows me his phone screen. There it was the green landscape with lots of buildings and roads and cars and fake people walking funny. You know, basically A WASTE OF ANY ADULT’S TIME.

I had to sit in silence to process this. Ok, so the whole time I thought we were nearing bankruptcy… I changed the kids’ diapers and put them to sleep without bugging him… I tiptoed around him so I won’t be disturbing him… was because he was busy playing…

He mistook my silence as concern for his stupid city.

“Awww don’t worry baby. My city’s not that bad. Did you know our driver plays this too? He gives me cheat tips for more Sim money,” Dean chuckled as went back to his phone.

I married a child.

A child, guys.


An example of a very useless conversation.

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feeling complete

I had such an awesome weekend being nothing else but a MOM and a WIFE. I have been feeling extra guilty towards the kids because Dean and I have been coming home late everyday. So this weekend, we put our laptops away in hibernation and focused solely on our family. Well, we had some weddings and events of close friends but we made everything short because we couldn’t wait to get home.

Today, for a nice Sunday brunch, we visited my friend’s new cafe CaloriesKL in Hartamas. Nothing was any different today with Daniel and Mariam, but being with them without any helpers just made my life feel so… complete. I really was the happiest woman just now with my husband, my 2 kids, and good food. Feeding pasta to Daniel myself from start to finish without having to rush, soothing a crying Mariam myself, running around after Daniel myself, even having drool all over my clothes… felt weirdly nice. Sometimes we chase career in life which I think is a good thing, but I’m teaching myself to also never underestimate family time too. Because that short one or two hours just now was really the highlight of my week.

Hope you had fun with your families too!

We even managed to squeeze in some time to ootd me. Dean’s work plate is pretty full these days that I never ask him anymore to take my outfit photos because I know he doesn’t have the time. But today is Sunday. It’s also listen-to-wife day.

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Wearing Apple Crush scarf from dUCk, cardigan from FV BASICS (in black or grey XS to XXL), top from Shopatvelvet, the coolest sandals from Melissa Shoes (in black or blue), watch from Daniel Wellington and a bucket bag from MISCHA (comes in several colours). All via FashionValet