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i don’t like her already


Everyday when I pick Daniel up from school, I’ll have a quick lunch with him and ask him about his day. He’s very shy with people and he’s still getting used to a lot of the kids in school (still finding it a challenge because he likes to sit with just the teacher and won’t join the other kids). Everytime I ask him, he’ll say he coloured, he played in the garden, he sang etc, but he never mentions the other kids. He remembers all their names though, when I pointed to his class photo. But there isn’t one that he’s particularly close to.

He just started his second semester last week and I was so shocked when he answered my usual question in an animated manner.

“Today, Daniel play with Jason, Caitlyn and bla bla. I colour. I play with elephant toy. I eat rice.”

“Ooooohhh you played with your friends?”

“Yes, Daniel play with friends.”

“Oooooh what did you do with them?”

“We play outside. In garden. Jason play slide with Daniel, and Caitlyn also play with Daniel.”

“Ooooohhh did you have fun?”

“Yes!” he answered looking very happy.

“Do you want to go to school tomorrow?”


“Oooohhh that’s great, baby!!”

I was so happy to learn that he’s making friends, hence a lot of Ooooohhh’s in every sentence.


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hair tips for hijabis

My hair has been falling off like rain lately because it’s getting too long. And I almost gasped when I tried to think when was the last time I went to a salon. Oh wow I’m gross. I really haven’t been paying any attention to my hair these past few months and wearing the headscarf, it’s easy to take it for granted. Especially when I’m saving so much money not spending at the salon hehe. Pre-scarf, I was there so much getting dolled up for events, or touching up my roots, or trimming. And I’d take so long to get ready to go anywhere. Dean was probably the happiest person ever when I decided to cover up because I don’t have to worry about my hair anymore.


After Mariam, my hair loss is really bad that I’m balding guys, balding! *cries blood* So I chopped it all and now I have short shoulder length hair and I loveeeeee it! It’s just tousled a bit and I wish I could show it off to you guys but there are male readers so nvmmmm. But basically, I’m feeling Emma Stone at the Golden Globes but just you know, without the red hair, or green eyes, or the nice dress, or the make up, or the styling…. and not as tall… and I’m Asian. Ok fine, I look nothing like her. But give chance for me to love my new hair la ha?

I also changed my shampoo to the special care ones and some tonic bottles to prevent hair loss. I didn’t really want to buy the latter but the lady just kept going on and onnnn that I just wanted to shut her up. Saleswomen like these…. so clever with their in-your-face method and telling you that you’ll go bald if you don’t buy it. Effective strategy, I must say. I bagged ten of those tonics.

Anyway, on to healthier haircare now for 2016. (On top of the other ten healthy resolutions I told myself I’d make.. being a woman is hard, man!)


 Some general tips for hijabis whose hair hasn’t seen the world in a while:

Don’t tie your hair too tight –  It will pull your hair even more from the roots leading to damage and hair loss.

Don’t ever wear your scarf with wet hair – look, I’ve been there. Rushing like mad, late for work and no time for blowdry. But this is a really bad habit because your hair doesn’t have any space to dry inside your inner and scarf. My hair stylist kept going on and on about this saying that’s the reason why hair loss happens, when your hair isn’t properly dried. It’s not so much about the ends, but it’s the scalp that is the most important to remain dry.

Once home, the hijab comes offfff sistaaaa! – It’s party time! Let your hair breathe whenever you get the chance to. And this means when you’re home. Even if you have to go out again in a bit, just do it. It’s good to air your hair as much as you can. Take it off and shake it off like you’re a Pantene hair commercial talent.

Have loads of inners – how can you wear the same inner again the next day? That’s not ons. Inners are like underwear, you cannot repeat them. The whole day the inner is covering your hair collecting any dead skin and dandruff and make up stains. So please, collect inners too because they’re actually way more important than your hundreds of scarves. Also, choose the breathable material like cotton. Never lycra please. I’m not being biased here, but dUCk makes really good inners precisely because I am very particular about hygiene. So load up whenever we have restock, you won’t regret it.

Don’t shy away from salons – I’m learning now to have regular trims and treatments maybe every other month. Just because you cover your hair for the sake of your religion, doesn’t mean you have to not show love for it. Some TLC is always good, whether it’s at the salon or simply just at home.

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long vest

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I don’t usually like wearing inners inside but this vest was just irresistible. Not being biased because my friends designed it, but I’m truly impressed by the panel placements, the luxe fabric choice and of course the most obvious, the style and cutting. Long vests are just too cool, still modest yet you feel dressed up wearing it, and it still covers your bum so you don’t feel too conscious.

And have you noticed that grey is becoming my favourite colour these days?

Wearing Peppercorn dUCk, inner top from FV BASICS (available in several colours) and vest from Mimpikita (also available in red), bracelets from Stackables Inc. and Wanderlust + co, all from FashionValet. Pants from Calvin Klein, shoes from Christian Louboutin, bag from Dior.

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i’m calming

It’s official.

Dean is the favourite of both Daniel and Mariam.

So so annoyed about this.

He’s basically the one they run to when we both come home, and when I come home alone, Daniel will come to me and ask “Where Daddy?” -________-” WELCOME HOME TO YOU TOO DANIEL. Mariam as well, is suchhhhh a Daddy’s girl. She will put out her arms wide open for Dean to carry her and when she lies down on his chest, she’d look at me and I swear sometimes I imagine her jeling at me. You came out of me, missy. No need so eksyen.

The one thing I’m really good at is putting them to sleep. Which is such an unglamorous job. You get them when they’re cranky and tired, and when they’re all fun and happy, Daddy’s the fun guy. Pfttttt.

Dean called me from the room earlier and there he was with a crying Mariam who looked so unhappy. “Can you put her to sleep? I think she wants you.”

True enough, the moment I carried her, she stopped crying and laid her head on my shoulder. Such an awwwwww moment for me. Dean went to the toilet and I stayed there with Mariam, swinging her gently and singing to her softly.  She fell asleep soon after and I put her down for a nap.

Processed with VSCO

Yes I flatlay my kids. They’ll thank me when they’re older. 

Dean came out of the toilet, “Wowww, she fell asleep so fast!” 

“Yep,” I said blowing my nails.

“Woww, you must be that boring.”




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comfy cool

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I’m getting a cool vibe from this grey and black combo, but maybe that’s just my sunnies. Hehe. Quite a comfortable and easy choice for work today since I had a lot of moving around to do (which included picking Daniel up from school – semester has started again!)

This outfit is all about letting the cutting and structure speak for itself. The top has a structured feel to it with the exaggerated (but not too much!) sleeves and the pants has the cool diagonal cutting at the front (they’re called skants, mommy). The pants are not new but it’s always my go-to trusted choice!

Wearing the new and improved Mixed Crepe dUCk launching next week, grey top from LANA KL (comes in several colours) and skants (comes in several colours) from FV BASICS, watch from Daniel Wellington and bangles from Stackables Inc., all from FashionValet

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back to work in 2016

Got woken up so many times throughout the night (Mommyhood = bye-bye sleep) but the good thing is that you’ll be up early so you can blog! Oh how I miss having lots of time to blog like how I did in uni.

I was in Singapore these past few days and thought I could blog there but I underestimated my schedule there. It was so full-on from morning until night, and when we’d get back to the hotel, the team would meet again and brainstorm/discuss until way past 1 am. Weird that we didn’t even feel tired there, but when we got back… fuhhh I was yawning back to work, and Dean’s eyes were red and puffy from the lack of sleep.

BUT Singapore trip was seriously worth it. It was probably one of my most productive business trips yet! The purpose of it was to build the team from scratch and scout for locations for a physical store for FashionValet (2nd one after Bangsar Village) and I think you can expect us there more often from now on. It’s pretty scary starting from ground zero but I don’t know why I have such a good feeling about FV Singapore. It gets me so excited and it was the same feeling I had when we started FV here 5 years ago. Wish us luck!

When we got back, it was our first official day in 2016 with the Malaysian team so I made everyone wear white for a family photo. We all looked virginal for the start of 2016, hehe.

IMG-20160105-WA0017 IMG-20160105-WA0018

We had 8 new people that joined FV yesterday and the group chat is getting pretty full! It’s quite surreal when I pass the newer team members in the office and not remember their names because that’s not the kind of boss I want to be, but man it’s getting pretty tough when we have new faces every so often.  I almost get heart palpitations when I sign off salaries for the Group every end of month because the number just keeps growing but our finance manager laughs saying I have to get used to numbers like that. Man, how times have changed since 5 years ago. Dean and I have a full-fledged company now and the stakes are even higher for us. And don’t worry, we will never take it for granted. Here’s to an even better 2016! May all of us hit our targets this year!!

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hello 2016

This was my view as I entered 2016.


A beautiful silhoutte to symbolise the bond between father and son, both of whom happen to be the heroes in my life (besides my dad of course). In our pyjamas, we were standing eagerly to show Daniel the new year fireworks. Daniel was in awe, mouth opened and all. And kept saying, “Not finish yet?” which made us laugh. Mariam was fast asleep at home and we didn’t want to wake her. But we thought Daniel could cheat a bit and stay up past his bedtime (he was more than happy to do so. -___-“). He fell asleep soon after in Dean’s arms, and I stood there next to them and gave Dean a kiss. He had that same look I had, that happiness from such a blessed life, and gratitude to God for allowing us another year in this world.

Today we woke up smiling with Mariam in our bed jumping around for attention. Her smile as we opened our eyes, ahhhh melts anyone! We had meals with both sides of the family (breakfast and dinner) and I was so thankful I could spend the first day of 2016 with our loved ones. But more importantly, I made two people very happy today. My maids. Their birthdays are 31 Dec and 1 Jan. I swear, they make these things up haha, but hey saves me from having to buy two cakes! We took them out for a birthday lunch at an Indonesian restaurant where they could feel at home, sent them shopping in the morning, and in the evening they hung out at KLCC taking photos of the towers and the park (their ootds kick my ootds’s butt). We sang for them, and Daniel blew out the candles on their cake (typical stealing-thunder), and as they hugged me, they teared a bit saying they felt so touched and loved. I kept my cool, but inside, I was tearing too. How simple it is to make someone happy, and how we sometimes overlook the people closest to us. They might just be employees to some households, but to me, they’re my family. God bless these souls who sacrifice to take care of a family, in order to provide for theirs at home that they left behind. Money isn’t the answer to everything, so on their birthdays, I pray that God fills whatever emptiness they have in their hearts from missing their loved ones with happiness and contentment, and at the end of the day, grant them heaven for being so selfless in their noble jobs.

It was a fulfilling day for me, and definitely a good start to 2016! Happy New Year to all my blog readers. Here’s to another year of awesomeness, a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, but most importantly, of self-improvement always.