ramadhan checklist

June 8, 2016 • 569 views • 58 comments • 02767000

When you’re having such a good time with your loved ones, do you ever wish suddenly that when we all “go” one day, we’ll still be together laughing like this in heaven? Except it’ll be a gazillion times more amazing? It gives me goosebumps thinking about it and when the thought of even one of us not being in heaven, makes me really sad. Even if we dislike someone so much, we would never ever wish for them to be burned in hellfire. If you do, something is umm wrong with your heart… or maybe you’re watching too many scary movies. Whatever it is, we know death is real. We see people around us leaving us one by one, and one day, it’ll be us. Scary, but we might as well remind ourselves because what determines our afterlife is our actions in this life. And lucky for us, God is still giving us time to fix anything that needs fixing.


chips and cookies

June 5, 2016 • 390 views • 13 comments • 05000

Our flight was delayed and we had already gone inside the departure gate. Dean asked permission from the crew to leave to the toilet for a while. While he was gone, I whatsapped him an important request.

“Baby since you’re out there, can you buy some snacks for the flight? Maybe some chips or cookies or something?”


I always get peckish on the flight, need to munch on something so I expected Pringles, Mister Potato, maybe some Kettle Chips and dried mango snacks too. So naughty, I know, but once in a while why notttttt. Having that anxiety being in a capsule flying through clouds high up there, let me munch la ha? Oh and don’t forget drinks. Some nice cold iced lemon tea would be nice. I don’t like having to ask the stewardess for things, so BYOF (bring your own food) would be better. Watching a movie on the plane, you just can’t not munch on something!


queen to frog

May 31, 2016 • 280 views • 16 comments • 015000

It’s so much fun just watching Daniel play these days because he’s at the stage where his imagination is running wild and he has so much energy he talks allllll day. It’s really bizarre that I can actually have conversations with him because he can talk properly now. Weren’t you cooing in your cot just last week!?!! Ahhh time, slow downnnn.

He still loves his animals a whole lot, and he keeps playing the Hi-5 Farm episode over and over again. Like really. Over. And. Over. Again.


the necklace

May 29, 2016 • 219 views • 19 comments • 044000


I look at Mariam and Dean and I just think there’s something special about dads and daughters. It’s crazy, like Dean and I would do the same exact thing but Mariam will always always choose Dean. Sometimes I roll my eyes at Dean, but I always end up smiling when I see her snuggling up to his chest and smiling looking so at peace. I totally get this relationship. Because it’s me and my dad too.

As I grow older, it gets hard to see him everyday because we live apart and when I come over, he’s busy working too. It’s funny that I get updates of my dad on Instagram when people tag me saying “Met @vivyyusof’s cool dad today”. And I’m like ehhh, you’re not in KL?! My dad’s not the type to call and meet up, he’s very much the old-fashioned kind who expects his kids to call him. So I constantly have to plan for weekly dinners and force Mommy to cook for all of us. I’m not complaining though cos hello, free dinner. And without fail, we always have a good time¬†laughing and talking and making fun of Mom and Dad’s silly arguments about nonsense. Sometimes, we get lectured by Dad about things too which is not so fun, but deep down I know that this moment is something I will cherish always. I can’t imagine my life without my parents, they are everything and sometimes when I’m busy living my own life with my own career and my own kids, I forget about them. So this is also my reminder to always make an effort with my parents, because our closeness to our parents should never fade no matter how old we get. In fact, the older, the closer we should be.

that meh feeling

May 26, 2016 • 198 views • 18 comments • 03000

I think it’s very easy to get lost in the day-to-day of things. Ever since Iman came into my life, she’s seen the rollercoaster of my job; running around everyday from office to studio to event to warehouse to meetings outside¬†to the shooting of the reality show. This Raya period I’m traveling every single week, and for the last 6 weekends, I’ve been working too. So that’s like no off-days for 2 months; just constantly working throughout. Not even enjoying my Saturdays and Sundays. Any free time I get, straight to my kids. Nothing else matters, I’ve been ignoring new people who message me wanting to meet up for no reason, I’ve been really backlogged on my email correspondence, I’ve been declining event invitations. People might have called me sombong recently even and I don’t blame them, but I honestly don’t care because I’m exhausted. I just need some breather because it’s been really hectic, not just for me but also for Iman because she follows me everywhere.