our first movie together

November 12, 2016 • 1,463 views • 9 comments •  shares

We bravely took the kids for a movie recently. Both the kids! This was Mariam’s first ever movie and Daniel’s second. We heard about the beanie bag cinema in One Utama from my silk so decided to try it out with them. It was so nice! All 4 of us on one big beanie cuddling while watching Trolls.

Umm excuse their faces… as long as Mommy and Daddy look ok. Haha.

Daniel was as usual, quiet and cautious, looking around and I think slightly uncomfortable being in the dark. Especially when scary moments play on the screen, he turns to me and says “Mommy I want to go home.” NO, DANIEL. You sit here and watch this scary monster and toughen yourself up, man. Now, hold Mommy’s hand. Cos Mommy is ummm, scared too.


what is busy, mommy?

November 6, 2016 • 1,331 views • 12 comments •  shares

I was told that having a baby is fun. They lied because having a baby is not fun because they don’t do anything. It gets so much more fun when they start talking (then the fun stops once they start becoming a pre-teen and they’re no longer cute).

Daniel is a hoot to be around now, and we all always laugh because kids really say the darnest things. And they’re like sponges, they absorb everything we adults say and repeat them.

When crossing the street, Daniel will look at Mariam and say, “Ok Mariam, we can cross now because there are no cars. Come on, Mariam.”


secure yourself

October 28, 2016 • 1,160 views • 8 comments •  shares

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That time when Daniel fell off the bed. Poor guy inherited Mommy’s unattractive sleeping habits… drool, mouth open, moves a lot.. hehe. But jokes aside, I think the thud I heard from the bedroom made my heart stop for a second, if that’s even possible.

It’s so weird… I can’t hear my colleague calling me from the same freaking room, but if anything happens to your children, you’ll hear it even from the other side of the house! Some bionic senses that were installed in moms during childbirth, must be!


video interview

October 28, 2016 • 892 views • 7 comments •  shares

One of my favourite video interviews because it was short but encompasses a lot of things like motherhood, challenges at work, social media criticism, and others. Have a watch!

Happy Friday everyone!


dUCk alphabet collection

October 22, 2016 • 1,156 views • 22 comments •  shares

Everytime I pass a big showcase at the concourse of a mall, I think Wowww this must cost a bomb, followed by Mannn I want to have that someday, it would be a dream come true.

And so one of my dreams came true this month because dUCk had a showcase of our latest collection at the whole concourse of Bangsar Shopping Centre. We initially wanted Pavilion because it made sense since we have the store there (omg I can’t believe I missed blogging about that!), but their available dates didn’t match ours. So BSC would naturally be our next choice since we started off with joining bazaars in BSC and they’ve been so supportive to us.