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The Raya madness at FV still continues with soooo many brands launching almost on a daily basis! We have so many rtw collections from established designers, new designers, independent designers, sometimes even I can’t keep up with the new arrivals!

Anyway, check them out if you haven’t by clicking on this tab to check out all the individual brands’ Raya collections. We’ve got more coming in July too, so keep checking and don’t be the last to know!

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Happy Raya shopping!

being a mom

where art thou, remote


The whole evening today, Dean and I were looking everywhere for the Astro remote control. Daniel is always the culprit now that he has discovered legs and he is soooo active and loud (and so cute Masyaallah when I see his butt running around the house, hands wailing in the air for no reason). The other day, I found my credit card on the carpet, Dean found some money at his play area (Daniel loves money btw, it’s quite funny), and remote controls at the darnest places. And did you guys see my instagram post of teabags all over the floor? I made him clean it up, that boy. I dread the day he can reach the fridge door because I’m pretty sure I’ll find chicken or steaks defrosting in the bathtub.

We looked for the remote control in our room, in his room, in my handbag, in between cushions… everywhere! And when we ask him where he put it, he innocently put up both arms out by his side and went “Hehhh?” like he had nothing to do with it. It was soooo cute I can’t even. But as cute and cheeky as he is, we are losing things in the house and finding them in odd places. I’m sure this is normal huh?

But at the end of the day, I don’t mind at all. I’m just enjoying this phase of my life because it’s just flying by so fast.

Daniel’s almost 1 soon, and this whole year he has just brought so much happiness in Dean’s and my life. Everytime I walk into a room, his face lights up and he just wobbles over to me with a big smile on his face. He is superrrr clingy to me (still wakes up a few times a night, I’m still sleep deprived, guys) but I find myself hoping he wakes up sometimes so that I can see him come to me and I get to squeeze him in my arms. He’s definitely brought new meaning to my life, and I just.. sigh.. I just love him. Today when he walked to me with that big grin, I hugged him soooo tight he squirmed to get away from me. Hehe. So geram.

Ok back to looking for the remote. Wish us luck! So sick of watching 5 adults go “One two three four… HIGH FIVE!” over and over again. Need to watch the bloody news or something for a change!

Now… if I was an Astro remote, where would I be….


ramadhan mubarak


This time last year, I was in bed in my parents’ house. I was eating, my hair was tied up in a bun, I had just finished a massage and I of course.. had socks on. No, I wasn’t having a spa treatment last Ramadhan. I forgot to mention that in this scene, next to me on the bed, I had a wonderful bundle of joy wrapped up in the softest aden + anais giraffe swaddle. His name is Daniel and he was only 2 days old. Fresh out of the oven.

While everyone was busy fasting, doing ibadah and going for terawih at night, I was chomping on biscuits in my room having crumbs fall all over Opah and Tok’s huge pocket shirts that kept me company throughout my confinement (May Allah bless their soul, I miss my grandmothers everyday!). And best part of all, while everyone ended their fasting month with victory, I was left with 30 days of fasting that I needed to replace all by myself. Hehe.

So this year, I’m soooo happy that I get to celebrate Ramadhan with everyone. I’m able to do ibadah like read the Quran and pray terawih and chase the multiplication of rewards that this month offers. I’m super excited! Let’s not waste this Ramadhan, guys. The month where the gates of heaven open and gates of hell close, and the devils are chained, Masyaallah. I for one know how sayang it is to watch the month fly by without being able to take full advantage of it. You really only know the goodness of it until there comes a time when you aren’t able to perform ibadah.

So, come on, yay to doing good, refraining from the bad, always having good niat and working hard! Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. In fact, it’s better to speak less altogether and just do more!

Oh ok, and Pasar Ramadhan’s got me excited too! Last year all I could have was porridge and steamed fish. This year, come to meeee ayam percik, come to meeee kuih lapis, come to meeeee chicken satay. Can’t wait to be with the family at the dining table again as this month also brings families closer together.

Ramadhan Mubarak, everyone. May we have strength, patience and come out of this month with increased iman and improved versions of ourselves. Amin!

everyday things gadgets and gizmos

low battery

You know when you use your phone all day and before a big event, the exclamation mark lights up in the battery section of your home screen. That’s when you know you only have a few minutes before your virtual best friend rests in peace temporarily, leaving you cut out from the rest of the world and you no longer know what others are eating on Instagram or what shoes they are wearing (shoe shots are oh so 2014!).

I know what you’re thinking. Powerbanks helloooo. I’m very unlucky when it comes to power banks. Three people in my life have all bought one for me, and I have lost all of them. They just disappear! And chargers too. I always leave chargers here and there and now, I’m using my maid’s one which she just whipped out from nowhere and says “Gak apa puan, saya ada lebih cas nya. Saya kasi puan.” In her stash she had like 2 more Samsung chargers. I’m starting to think she distributes them or something. -__-” But I needed the charger so I just took it and said “Yay, makasih” fading out any illegal distribution possibilities in my head.

So anyway, every night event I’m always phone-life-less and yesterday was not an exception. At Dean’s baby brother’s graduation, I was all excited to take photos of him but my phone wasn’t. Low battery. Hurry, go on Whatsapp and let people know your phone is dying so if there’s anything urgent call your husband. Ok done, now hurry, go on Instagram to see if you have any new notifications. Ok done, now hurry, let’s check what people posted up on Instagram. Ooohhh that looks yummy, which restaurant is that — ahhhh, phone completely shuts down. Can’t be. Press again, in case there is still 1% battery life left. Presssssss. Ok confirm phone died. And sigh.

 So I just sat back and ate. A lot.

Then on the way home, I talked to Dean. A lot. And I started noticing roads and cars and new buildings in town.

“Eh, has that building always been there?” followed by a Yes from Dean.

“Eh, which road are you taking? Is this our usual route home??” followed by a Yes from Dean.

“Eh, look now the number plates have letter followed by numbers and ends with a letter! How cool is that!!!” followed by a very bored Yes from Dean.


Both of us went ”Wow”, shaking our heads at the same time.

Me, because I’m super amazed at the new number plate system.

Him, because he’s amazed at how addicted I am usually with my phone that I never look up to see the world.

Sometimes I guess it’s good if your phone dies for a while, huh?

designer review fashion and shopping pd daily

modern versatility

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We all need lots of Raya clothes foreseeing the many open house invitations all month long. It’s my favourite time of the year, eat eat eat and dress up in our traditional clothes. My only issue with traditional clothes is that I can only wear it to formal occasions, like a wedding or something. So spending a lot on these designer kurungs etc, not that it’s bad (if you can afford it, by all means go for it!!) but I prefer to give myself value for money. By value for money, not exactly looking for the cheapest one out there, but I’m looking for pieces that can be worn as separates. I can wear the skirt with a cardigan, I can wear the top with pants, etc, and of course, I can wear them together for another formal occasion that needs us to dress up. That way, my wardrobe is happy, I’m happy and Dean’s wallet is happy too.

Nurita Harith is probably one of the best ones when it comes to this. All her pieces are thought through to incorporate this kind of modern day versatility and I just loooooveee her prints, they’re ridiculous. Tuck in if you’re confident, tuck out for a more classic look or be casual to wear them as separates. Here, I’m wearing one of them as a top!

Which one would you choose?


I’m wearing the shirt from Cara Kurung from Nurita Harith, scarf from dUCk, belt from FreeFlow, all FashionValet. Pants from Balenciaga, bag from Celine. 

fashion and shopping pd daily

black pulp

71 2 3 4 5 6

Feeling a wee bit cool in all black with pops of colours here and there.

Wearing scarf from dUCk and sweater from Gantung (available in 3 prints), at FashionValet. Pants from Uniqlo, heels from Aldo, bag from Louis Vuitton (stolen from SIL) and sunnies from Dior. 

being a mrs headscarves love

stroke my hair

I feel like I’ve been wearing the headscarf forever now, it feels really weird thinking to leave the house without it. But one day recently, I was getting ready and I ruffled my hair and thought Mannnn this outfit (spell: cleavage) looks good with that bedhair look. A bimbo moment right there, but it didn’t take me long before I realised that was actually syaitan whispering sweet nothings to my ear. Pftttt sneaky syaitan always creeps up uninvited. *whips the air*

I love wearing the headscarf and apart from moments where Daniel pulls it in all direction (Daniel, Daniel…), I’m so thankful God opened up my heart to accept the headscarf. Now on the way to complete hijab… not as easy as you can preach! You know what helps? The people you hang out with, especially your husband. Dean is so supportive of me covering up and I think when your husband is on your side, everything else falls into place. For wives and women in general, we want to make sure we look beautiful in our partners’ eyes.

The other day, Dean and I were holding hands walking in a mall and in front of us, there was a couple. The guy was saying something to the girl and he stroked her hair. I think it’s really sweet when people stroke their wife’s hair. It shows the sweetest affection but not in a lets-get-a-room way. More of a I-love-you-which-handbag-do-you-want-today way.

I turned to Dean all manja wife mode. “Awwww remember when you used to stroke my hair? Sometimes I miss you stroking my hair.”

Dean looked at my head, pointing to the fabric wrapping it tightly. “Errr… that’s a bit tough now, baby.”

“Well, duh!” I laughed, fixing the top of my headscarf that Dean accidentally pulled slightly.

He looked at me, scanned my face up and down and went, “Ok, nah, nah… I stroke your hair.. come here…” and he pulled me close while stroking my… eyebrows.

I batted his hands away from my face and laughed. “Go awayyyy!”

“You said you want me to stroke your hair!” as he stroked my eyebrows with love and affection in the middle of the mall.

Ok la, can la.. hair also.