October 29, 2017 • 37 comments • 30164 views

Today I want to write about positivity.

I see too often people who whine and complain about things. I’m so stressed, I’m so tired, the world is against me, my parents hate me, my friends hate me, the weather is against me. And the global millennial code word FML – I will make it a point to question whoever says that in front of me, I have a pet peeve of those 3 letters because it’s the ultimate representation of everything that is wrong with our generation. I have those “why meeee” moments too, and then guess what – a blind man walks past. Or someone lost a baby. Or someone went bankrupt. Or a whole minority is on a boat in the sea because they got shunned out of their country. Like really guys, F our lives?? Your mouths are your weapons, watch what you let come out of it.

11 years anniversary

October 14, 2017 • 21 comments • 29121 views

Cheesy alert ahead, but this I hope is also how you feel about your spouse and will inspire all of us to appreciate one another a bit more. 🙂


Dearest Husband,

Remember the day we met at McDonald’s? And remember the day we had our dinner at Tinseltown and I got lost walking to the tube station? There wasn’t any Waze back then and I was scared standing in the dark alleys I ended up at. I turned around and you were standing there smirking because you knew I’d get lost. Remember the days in London where you’d wait for me at tube stations? Amidst the crowd of unfamiliar faces in a foreign country, there was always your face that gave me that warm feeling everytime despite the cold gloomy winter. Remember when we would hold hands walking through the streets of London? Such young love, who knew we’d be here today still holding hands.

fadza’s surgery

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Fadza is the type that gets flu very easily and he sneezes like five consecutive times in a row. Again he got it recently and so off to the clinic we went for a checkup. He had to go for an X-Ray and while waiting to see the doctor again, I went downstairs to get something. When I came up, Fadza to my surprise came out of the doctor’s office already and he said nonchalantly, “I have to go for a surgery in a bit.”

“I’m sorry, you have to what now?”

I paused. I swear I only went down to get something so quickly, I come back up and he’s signed up for Thursday Surgery Special? How long was I gone for??

say hello to…

October 3, 2017 • 18 comments • 32987 views

I left her in the hospital room and felt so excited. I’m going to have another niece in no time! Since my sister is having a planned birth (inducing wooohooo!), I already budgeted her timing tomorrow. I was induced at midnight and for both Daniel and Mariam, I gave birth at 2ish pm. So I figured from noon I will make myself free and standby outside the labor room.

“Ida, make sure my Friday is blocked because Along is giving birth,” I told my new assistant Ida earlier in the week.

don’t tell daniel

October 2, 2017 • 6 comments • 30184 views

Subject: A loving couple

Event: 11 year anniversary coming up

Plan of action: A super short getaway without kids

Current mood: Nervous to tell the kids

“So do we tell them where we’re going?” Fadza and I were discussing, while looking at Daniel and Mariam. Now, I’m not one to be apologetic for wanting husband-wife time – whether it be date nights or short weekend getaways, it’s so important in a marriage to allocate time just the 2 of you. We plan to go to a place that Daniel keeps saying he wants to go (he’s already been btw). If we tell him the destination, he’s going to throw a fit wanting to come as well.