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fine dining in kaftan

December 21, 2015

So on my birthday Toots and Asma’ slept over and left this.

20151213_104058 20151213_104051

Of course… of course test me with PATIENCE, the one thing I don’t understand.

I kept asking what is going on, what’s going to happen, I thought we’re done with surprises bla bla. They replied with all sorts ridiculous things, I hate them.

One day, I came home from work and found a dark living room lit with just candles and a beautiful display of flowers and crystals. I thought Dean was going to propose again or something… After a second, I realise what this was. My house was invaded by those two and my surprise was tonight. True enough, few seconds later they appeared from my wardrobe, both head to toe in my clothes (a very expensive Biyan jacket spotted on that very pregnant Toots – take it off now!).

“YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MESSAGE US BEFORE YOU GOT HOME!!” They got mad at Dean for not giving them a heads-up.

“I did! Check your phone,” Dean defended himself.

“Oh oops… Oh well.” They shrugged. “We’re hungry. Go change into your kaftan and let’s get our fine dining dinner started.”

Little did I know there were three strangers in my kitchen cooking up a storm. Omg private chefs?! I knew it, I am totally a princess today. Love itttttt!

I was treated to a 5-course meal that was literally beautiful plates of culinary art that we all nodded to after each bite, pretending to know what the fancy ingredients were. The most magical part of the night was the end to our meal which was their special dessert; Off the Table. Called that because you literally eat off the table. It was absolutely beautiful watching them create such beautiful work and the whole time, trying to act so classy taking flatlays of the table in my kaftan standing on a chair. (The kaftan was btw torn all the way to my thighs on the sides, so ummm if the private chefs were expecting Classy Clients, the joke was on them!). No but seriously, I felt so so so proud of Malaysia when I watched them do their thing. These were our local graduates from our local uni, guys! They can go so so far and I can’t wait to watch them grow and grow in the culinary world. Check them out at @sugartag.

 The night was just such a meaningful night for me. Toots and Asma’ totally outdone themselves and we promised at the end of the night, this was the last surprise EVER. After this year, everyone gets a cupcake for their birthday and moves on with their lives, please.


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Ya Allah, I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this friendship. These two monkeys make me want to be a better person and a better Muslim every single day, and I am so grateful you united us in the best friendship one can ever get. I am myself with them, and no matter what tests each of us go through in life, the other feels it too. Grant them happiness, grant them health, grant them the best that life can offer. And most importantly, grant them a huge huge mansion in Jannah for you know best, they are exemplary friends that I’m so lucky to have. Please please please, dear Allah, reunite us in Jannah where we can giggle and take flatlays and eat till the cows come home and not get fat. Please keep us, our family and friends and all our loved ones in the right path so we’ll get our happy ending in your paradise. That’s all that matters, at the end of the day.

Editing these photos gave me goosebumps and I admit there were tears in my eyes. Thank you guys for an amazing night. You know me too well. Except my shoe size. 37 guys, not 36 sheesh. #gottagoklcctoexchangenow #imeanthankyou

wedding receptions

November 1, 2011

So many weddings lately! People are getting broody aren’t they? Hehe.

One of them is my very own good friend, Mira!

So happy to see her finally on her big day. I’ve been teasing her about her wedding for years and she’s always been Nolah Nolah. Miss Nolah is now gorgeous Mrs. Imran.

Moroccan theme wedding

I know my dress isn’t exactly Moroccan, but Mimpikita made it for me especially for this wedding reception, so blame them! But I’m so in love with it, I don’t care.

With Ami. Now THAT’S Moroccan! Hehe.

Nona and I in matching colours cos we’re romantic like that.

Mira and Imran had their reception at such an original place! My house!

I’m kidding.

They did it at the Islamic Civil something something. ISTAC, was it?

It’s this castle-like house in Taman Duta. Gorrrrgeeeousss!!!

The video montage came on and we got to see how Imran proposed to Mira.

In style, yo!!

He took her on a plane (he has a flying school I think?) and actually flew her around KL. So sweet right?!!

And then suddenly on a roof or a piece of land or something, there was a sentence written…



Ok sorry.. the sentence is…..



Can you imagine if another plane came by and someone else used that to propose to his girlfriend?

At Imran’s wedding reception, they went full-on traditional. They had silat, they even had the scene where the bride and groom sit on the floor to eat while other panglima or laksamana sit there as well. It looked so cool in the video!!

She looked like Siti Nurhaliza doesn’t she??

Congratulations Mira and Imran!!! So happy for you guys.

Congrats also to Ben Ibrahim and Sophie. They’re broody too.

Beautiful reception with dreamy theme; pastel pink and purple all round. Felt like I was in a fairytale.

I couldn’t get a good photo of them, so here’s one I stole from Sophie.

Don’t they look amazing??

I saw that dress and I was like BIYAN!!! Must be Biyan!!

And it was….sigh. So cantik. But not everyone can pull off this dress like Sophie does.

With gorgeous bridesmaid, Shera.

More weddings coming up.

One of them is FV’s very own Afzan! She’s so stressed everyday with the preparation, it’s scaring me!

Can’t wait for Afzan’s!

swan lake

September 20, 2011

Hello Puan Nisa Mazbar!!

Nisa got married last week and I was so excited for her wedding, especially after seeing her super pretty wedding card.

She designed it herself! It was a Swan Lake theme and everything was white and pretty.

She made all of her wedding dresses herself. Lucky for her, she has her own Nisa Mazbar line!

The wedding reception was clad with familiar faces, so it was nice to catch up with friends.

Zaireen and Dean

Nona and Mateen

With Nona

Headband: per te

Top: Biyan

Nizam and Adrina

Nana G’s growing belly!!!!

Nisa and Redza made a video of how they met in Paris and aptly called it “Paris Love Story”. They went to Paris to shoot this video and for a mini-holiday as well, omg so jealous!!! I’m already thinking about my wedding video. Hahahah any reason to go to London, really.

They were such good actors, a lot of us were impressed. Anugerah Bintang Pops soon.

Nikah day.

Outfit change, the Mrs. transformed into a Swan. 🙂

Congratulations, Nisa and Redza!! Wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness.

(Sorry Reza, I realised I took more pics of Nisa!! Shows how important the groom is… Hahahaha)


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cloth and clothes

March 29, 2010

As usual, Biyan was one of my pitstops everytime I go to Jakarta. And as usual, I fell in love with everything.





But I also found another designer I quite like called Danar Hadi which does high end batik. I’ve been there before but I was too young to appreciate batik fashion. Since I had more time on this trip, I thought I’d pay the boutique a visit.

And I was surprised to see such nice batik clothes! It’s not the typical conventional kebaya tops (they have that too), but the designs are really impressive and quite stylish! These next pictures are not the best ones, but I was too engrossed in the nice ones that I forgot to take pictures of them. I will post more soon!

The clothes here start from a few hundred Ringgit to thousands! OK, that’s not a helpful guide, is it? Hehe.







I went with the Mimpikita sisters to a cloth shop, and oh dear, I was a bit mental looking at all the potential clothes for me. It’s really interesting to start the process from the very beginning; sourcing for material. And then see it transform into a top or a dress or whatever that you designed yourself.

From the material, I could picture the clothes in my head but I didn’t know how to translate it into words. So thank God for Mimpikita! They were equally mental as well picking out material for their new collection, so we were equally embarrassing. Not just me. Ahem.

The rolls of cloth were scattered everywhere in the shop, we felt really bad for the staff there.





They even had Chanel design! HAHAHAHA.



We were all really rich there, all millionaires in Indonesia!


sleeves are good

October 22, 2009

In Jakarta, I had a few hours to spare in between meetings. I did a mental calculation on transportation and time, and somehow managed to squeeze in visits to 3 shopping malls.

2 were opposite each other; Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. All I had to do was cross the main road, which was pretty tricky due to the lack of pedestrian traffic lights. The excitement got to me, and I fell! In the middle of the road. Thank god there were no cars and there was a guard helping me up. “Saya nggak apa-apa. Saya nggak apa-apa” I said to the kind guard, still trying to flip my hair as if it was cool to fall. Feeling embarrassed, I shrugged it off, put on my Loubies again and pretended that never happened as I sashayed (limped) my way to the mall.

Whatever pain quickly went away when I saw shops, anyway, so everything was good then. Surprisingly, I only felt pain on my feet as soon as I got back home. Women’s bodies work in mysterious ways.

Anyway, I remembered what my dad warned me before I ran off to the shops with his credit card.

Only buy things made by Jakarta designers. There’s no point buying things you can get in KL.”

So, I went to Juicy Couture. (They’re not an Indonesian brand?! I had no idea!)

I tried on a gorgeous grey silk dress with slighly puffy sleeves and a black floral design. I was admiring it in the fitting room when I saw the price tag. There were too many digits as it was in Indonesian Rupiah. So I took out my calculator and did the conversion. OMG. RM 2000?!!! For a dress I would probably wear once?!! Crazy.

Even though Dad wouldn’t know Juicy is not from Jakarta, I could not justify buying a simple dress that cost that much. I don’t even wear dresses very often!

So, I bought a Biyan top. An authentic Indonesian designer, box ticked with a Daddy-approved stamp!


I just love the silky material and the delicate design at the collar. The top is simple, understated and classic. I love it!


But I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest thing to wear.

The top erm…didn’t come with sleeves.

They only poked 2 holes at the front for your arms to hang loose like this…


You can’t be very flexible or do very loud and rough hand gestures in this top. You can’t lift your arms up too high or bring them to the back, in fear of tearing the lush material. Hands on hips are a big no-no. Think “RIPPPP!”.

You can only move around with arms by your side, eat gracefully with fork and spoon, and the occasional scratch-nose moments. Talk about being dainty and feminine!! This top is by itself, a crash course on softness and elegance. Or how to be a robot, whichever way you want to see it.

I guess some people call it fashion or style. I guess it’s OK to embrace new styles of doing or wearing things. As long as it doesn’t bother you or make you (or others) uncomfortable, then there’s no harm in trying. And there’s no point buying designer clothes if it’s just the same as any other clothes everywhere else.

I obviously love this top, despite it not providing sleeves for my arms to breathe. I wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t love it! But I realised how much I appreciate sleeves. Hehe. Sleeves are good.