fears of our generation

February 16, 2017 • 6,377 views • 17 comments •  shares

The clouds were moving slowly, there were no sounds of birds chirping, the wind was whispering a sad song, the tone was just gloomy. It was quiet, except for the nostalgic sound of droplets from the rain outside. Somewhere in the cold cold London, sat two people with their laptops on but with no smiles on their faces.



I’m in London now with Dean (hello, British people!) for a work trip. We’re here for several reasons; dUCk’s first tradeshow in Pure London, dUCk’s event in Fortnum & Mason (as posh as the Queen, don’t mind us with our scones and tea…), meeting Muslim bloggers here, meeting our tech partner for FashionValet here to discuss some issues, Dean is giving a talk in his old uni Imperial College, and also shooting for Love, Vivy Season 2.


the key to happiness

February 12, 2017 • 7,541 views • 48 comments •  shares

Ok so this is my typical day; wake up, deal with 2 kids who don’t want to wake up and shower, get scolded by Dean because I take too long to get ready myself, go to work, face 50 problems consisting of internal and external work issues, back to back meetings that I still have to concentrate in despite having the 50 problems that day, research the person I’m meeting with before I have a meeting with them, pick up my kids from school and send them home, go back to office either FV’s or dUCk’s or both, have a photoshoot or interview for media to talk about FashionValet or dUCk, receive a phone call from Kak Siti that Daniel/Mariam/both have a slight fever, have a management meeting, actually solve the 50 problems, think of future projects to innovate and improve, check and reply all emails, take my ootd quick before the sun comes down because I want to promote the brands I’m wearing that are on FV, plan the week’s outfit based on the collection launches on FV, meet a designer or two to talk about their collection, prepare for a speech if I have to host any events that day, visit the stores at least once a week, pick up grocery on the way home, come home (or to my parents or inlaws house if I sent the kids there on that day) and beg my kids to come kiss me, cook dinner for Dean and the kids, have dinner and fuss about how the kids shouldn’t spill rice everywhere, run around the house playing catch with the kids even though I’m so tired, put the kids to sleep with much difficulty, shower and put on my most comfortable kaftan, cuddle on the couch with Dean and recap our days together where we vent out any frustrations or celebrate any achievements, Dean watches football/works on excel sheets/has a concall with our tech partners in the US, and I will find myself here, on a blank screen that says ADD NEW POST.


“popok” each other

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“That’s mine, Mariam!!”

“Mai, mai!!”

“No it’s mine. I was playing with that first!”

“Mai, mainnnnn!”

Situation at home all the time now. That’s when I tiptoe and hide in my room and let them sort it out themselves. I mean hello fight your own battles, children, you’ll learn negotiation skills along the way. Haha. Can’t always have Mom and Dad solve their problems for them! 

Daniel and Mariam are generally very good kids. They are not rowdy, they are not naughty, they listen (most of the time). Alhamdulillah, Dean and I are very blessed. Except when they get new toys. Oh boyyyy the tug of war is just vicious ending up in tears. Usually Daniel’s tears, my poor firstborn is always giving in to his garang younger sister. Mariam’s personality is starting to develop and I see sooooo much of me in her; stubborn, determined and won’t take no for an answer. Sometimes she bullies Daniel and I feel so bad! 


the ugly side of me

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Well one of them, anyway!

I am incredibly incredibly impatient.

Growing up, I would watch my parents a lot. Dad is always busy with work so he has low patience because understandably he didn’t have much time; he’d get impatient if food comes late at a restaurant, if kids make too much noise, if we take too long to get ready. Mom, on the other hand, always wants things now now now, and she’ll be very upset if you’re even a few minutes late. I remember my sister and I making fun of my parents about their patience level… and boy, did that bite me back in the butt. I have turned into them, maybe even worse. Haha.


our first MRT ride

January 29, 2017 • 7,956 views • 11 comments •  shares

Most of you street-smart people would roll your eyes reading this hahaha. BUT I DON’T CARE! I went on the MRT for the first time and it was so fun!! I got so excited tapping the coin onto the machine and when the gates opened for me, I felt like I was being accepted into a club or something. Hahahaha. Oh, things that thrill me.

It reminded me of my uni days in London, how I miss those days! Subway and bus and public transport everywhere even at night, and it was so safe. Here, we all drive (or Uber/Grab) everywhere but it’s nice to know that public transport is improving tremendously. This new MRT project reportedly cost RM21 billion (How. many. limited. edition. handbag. is. that?!!) so naturally I wanted to try it out since it just completed. Plus I’m a taxpayer too, so I contributed to a screw or two… the smallest ones. Hahaha.