done or no yet?

August 7, 2017 • 19 comments • 28137 views

I remember when I was pregnant with Mariam, I had my ups and downs emotionally. Up because yay I’m going to have a girl, and down because I felt bad for Daniel. He had been an only child for a whole year and then I got pregnant. We only knew him and we gave our hearts fully to him and his heart fully to us, so I couldn’t imagine sharing it with another baby that I didn’t know yet.What if Daniel felt sad? What if Daniel felt like we don’t love him anymore? I would tear as I think about this, especially when I stroked his hair when he was sleeping cuddling me. I will always love you, I whispered to him.

welcoming her second baby

July 30, 2017 • 7 comments • 30713 views

“Second baby, no need baby shower right?”

Was the hot question in our private chat a couple weeks ago. I mean, come on, if your best friend keeps popping babies every year, that means you’d have to throw surprise baby showers every year?! This Ajjrina Annuar better stop reproducing, man. Hahaha I am kidding! Half kidding. Quarter kidding.

Mimak and I put our heads together and we planned this nice surprise for her. We really need to start using the term “surprise” lightly now, we have “surprises” every AVA event!

just like mommy

July 29, 2017 • 16 comments • 34031 views

Mariam’s going to kill me when she grows up and reads this hehe but she did No. 2 in the toilet all by herself this week! We’ve been trying to slowly potty train her and so she is getting used to peeing in the big girl toilet and flushing all by herself. This week, she’s even more “grown up” when she decided to take it up a level hehe. She was sooooo cute guys, she got disgusted and demanded to be washed each time something came out. She hated it! Then when flushing, she was so proud and went “Bye bye poopoo!” happily and waved. Oh gosh she’s really going to hate me after this, I might just delete this post by the time she can read. Hahahhaha. But I just wanted to document her journey. It’s so amazing to see how something so simple to us can be such a new experience to a new human being coming into this world.

look up

July 20, 2017 • 35 comments • 27748 views

I just watched this video that Aimee Song put up on her vlog and I was just like *jaw drop*. It was so brave of her to cry on tape and share that with the world, and it gave us a different perspective of what a social media influencer faces. What’s on the outside really isn’t always representative of what’s on the inside. After her post, apparently other influencers also came out and started confessing; some are depressed, some have no real relationships, some travel too much they don’t know who they are anymore, some are seeing therapists. And on their instagram with millions of followers, their happy selfies and gorgeous photos make us think they have the perfect life. It’s so ironic.

dear pilot, next time…

July 18, 2017 • 33 comments • 20244 views

It’s family holiday time and literally Dean and I had an argument about where to take the kids. Europe isn’t nice for young toddlers who can’t appreciate historic buildings and loads of walking (Mommy doesn’t appreciate that either haha) and the Australia/New Zealand is just too cold now. US is way too far, I ain’t doing a 24-hour flight with these kids. We really couldn’t decide, and you know it’s going to be an argument when one starts saying “You decide la omg.” We literally took Daniel’s Lift-The-Flap-and-Learn-About-The-World children’s book and lifted the flaps guys. Africa seemed cool and unique, but the kids are way too small to enjoy a fullblown safari holiday. Antartica seemed like a cool idea…. Well, it was 1 am, we were tired…