glamping. never again!

May 8, 2017 • 18 comments • 1875 views

And thisssss is how we looked recently.

Us in yellow Phua Chua Kang boots, probably not our proudest ootd moment. =”””)

So we went glamping!!!!

We were pretty excited to go, after seeing these pictures on Pinterest. Like this one:

And this one:

So when we got to the site, we were thinking omg this is going to be the coolest thing ever! We’ll have so many nice nature pictures to take, we’ll take so many ootds in the forest, it’ll be so awesome!

And then when we got there, this is how the tent looked:

daddy’s girl

May 4, 2017 • 19 comments • 2276 views

So a few of you wanted to know What Mariam Says.

Well today, I woke up to kiss her and cuddle her. And as usual, she squirms and starts to get annoyed. That girl just isn’t one for affection, honestly. Ugh. So unlike her romantic mom.

She’s starting to talk now but she’s quite shy so she’ll ask for things really softly especially when people are around. She’s still smelling her selimut everywhere she goes, and we managed to convince her that she can’t bring it to school (totally blamed the teachers and told her the teachers told me to tell her. They did not. Teehee.). So she’s ok without it for a few hours in the morning, but as soon as she gets in the car after school, she’ll look for her selimut.

turning 4 soon

May 2, 2017 • 18 comments • 1903 views

Someone asked me how old Daniel is now. And I literally paused before I told them. Sure looked like a bad mother who forgot, but the truth is I was shocked myself; he’s turning 4 in July. FOUR?!! It has been FOUR years?!! I still remember me writing out my 3-part birth story on this blog. And I still remember having to go through confinement in such happiness (if you’ve followed my blog, you’d know this is a lie).

Ah, my sweet son, I wish sometimes time could stand still just when I’m cuddling you.

the 3-letter word

April 20, 2017 • 17 comments • 1785 views

“Maksu, I know…” announces my 10-year old nephew today at dinner.

“You know what?” I ask.

“I knooooo-oooowwww…” Nephew repeats himself.

“You knoooo-ooowww what?” I ask again.

“I know what sex is.”


I did not just hear that.

That did not just happen.

I’m sorry, what just happened. Didn’t my sister give birth to you like 10 minutes ago?? Flashbacks of him as a baby came to my mind and I shake my head in disbelief of what I just heard. I definitely was not prepared for this. Suddenly my milo ais on the table didn’t taste so good anymore. I had knots in my stomach and I wasn’t sure if that was because of the nasi biryani or because my nephew now knows a stork didn’t deliver him.

why do they grow up so fast?!

April 13, 2017 • 9 comments • 1470 views

For the longest time, this has been my view. The kids room are about 60% done, the beds are in, the carpets are in, the blinds are in. I wanted Daniel’s room to be blue and orange, and Mariam’s room to be pink and white. Typical, I know, but it’s mostly to satisfy me, really. Haha. The kids really couldn’t care less if they lived in a nicely decorated room… or in room made out of newspaper (in fact, they might actually like the latter more haha).

It all looked like it was right on progress. But the mattresses took their time to arrive, and to be completely honest I didn’t mind. Because I know once they do, I had no more excuse – the kids were ready to sleep on their own. But what if I wasn’t?!! Doesn’t anybody ask the mom if she’s ready?!! *cries blood*